Another Tail of 2016

Here’s hoping Santa won’t hear about my latest bad thing. Guess I have to agree with Mrs. S. who says I am weak and have no self-control. I just couldn’t help myself. The smells were killing me. And I was left home alone AGAIN with nothing to do. Before I knew  it one little chew led to another and then POOF ! it all disappeared.

So Jenny lost and I won and we’re afraid to tell her.  Seems every year she and Bryan battle it out with the turkey wishbone. Despite her being smaller and weaker she manages to pull off a win almost every year. Mrs. S had saved the wishbone from Thanksgiving and put in a plastic bag. All evening while I was home alone AGAIN with nothing to do all I kept smelling something really good in Jenny’s Christmas bag. It was a temptation I couldn’t resist. Mr. C seemed undone and was sure I’d have to make a doctor visit. But I proved them wrong and after three days I’m still here and feeling fine just a bit embarrassed.The wishbone challenge was set for Christmas Eve until I blew it.

Here’s what Wishbone Challenge might have looked like.  img_3089

So I have been trying to be real good the past three days hoping one bad thing won’t ruin my chance to have Santa make a stop.


Mrs. S and I signed up to follow Santa and his reindeer tweets LIVE Christmas Eve. You can get their tweets too by

santa tweet.png

and also keep track of Santa’s route on NORAD. The Santa tracking starts at 2:01 a.m. EST on Dec. 24 with video of all those at the North Pole making their preparations. NORAD’s Santa Cams will stream video on the website to show the sleigh making its stops.

Starting at 6 a.m. EST, trackers worldwide can speak with a live phone operator to inquire as to Santa’s whereabouts by sending an email to Any time on Dec. 24, Windows Phone users can ask Cortana for Santa’s location, and OnStar subscribers can press the OnStar button in their vehicles to locate Santa.

How fun is that!noradlogo

Mrs. S has just the best friends who remember me with Christmas treats. Lucky the Sullivans had not heard about my latest bad thing eating the wishbone. This gift got my complete undivided attention.


Wishing you a Pawsome Christmas and a Yappy New Year!

Love, Bella


I’ve Been Bad

My stocking has been hung by the chimney with care


and my list was mailed well in advance.


But sadly, I am not too hopeful since lately I seem to have been bad. In fact I’m probably crossed off Santa’s good list by now. I guess my voracious appetite finally got the best of me again. But to be fair Mrs. S is partly to blame. After all, you’d think she would have remembered back a few years ago when she left tempting treats out unattended. Here’s how all that went down. At least this is what I could make of the story in between her screams.

Mrs. S had spent a bit of time making party favors for a luncheon. Inside each small Christmas paper was stapled a small plastic bag filled with seven foil wrapped Hershey Kisses. She had put the twenty-four party favors in a grocery bag in the back room, but forgot to close the door. That was her first mistake. Mrs. S left the house. That was her second mistake. The smell of chocolate went right to my nose. It was at that point I lost control. I just couldn’t help myself and stop at just one. Do the math. I devoured over 140 foiled wrapped chocolate kisses. Then I got real sick.

Yesterday even though I was tempted, I resisted and did not eat one of Mrs. S’s yummy looking treats.


I spent a lot of time gnawing on this humongous bone, an early Christmas gift from my BFF Deb.

bella bone 001.JPG

bella bone 005.JPG

After what seemed like a very long time I was worn out battling this monster of a bone. I needed a break and took a nap.bella-bone-015

And that’s where my badness came in. I awoke from my nap and was surprised to find the house real quiet and no cooking smells from the kitchen. It was then I realized I was home alone!   After what seemed a very long time boredom set in. Looking around for something to do (my jaw was plain tired after all my gnawing and chewing) I spied something red and furry with a familiar smell of chocolate on the floor.


I couldn’t help myself and dug right in.

gingerrtbread topper and Bella sock 007.JPG

You’d think Mrs. S would have learned her lesson. It’s her fault again leaving the door open to a room I’m not allowed in. This year Mrs. S made party favors for a group dinner.  Because of my badness now several socks have been chewed on but I used some self-control. I ate only a few pieces of chocolate and luckily did not get sick. Still Mrs. S is not too happy with me.

So now I’m in the countdown and hoping Santa doesn’t find out about my latest bad thing. To make Mrs. S happy I’m wearing another new festive headpiece without one complaint.


Love, Bella

Holiday Countdown

Holiday Countdown

bella dec phone 017.jpg

My stocking has been hung by the chimney with care and Mrs. S is in her usual frenzy baking away. Too bad I’ve been feeling a little sick the past few days.  I do not have much of an appetite. Perhaps I may have overdone the feasting thing out in the woods.

It all started out with my usual walk to the mailbox. I got sidetracked when several new smells filled the air. Even with snow cover I managed to dig out a buffet bonanza right along the road near my neighbor’s yard. Deer parts were everywhere. By the time we got home Mr. C was forced to make several trades with me. Lucky they still had leftover turkey which works for me.   Soon after our walk we left the lake for the cities.  With only 20 minutes left in the trip I started to feel real sick.  I tried to let Mr. C know he should stop but it seemed like he was ignoring me. With no warning I moved up toward the front seat from the back of the van and very neatly I must say threw up in the center console, filling it up to the brim.  Poor Mr. C had to clean it up. He was not too happy. I went to bed. I had a bad tummy ache. Note he did do a good job cleaning it up though Mrs S says she’s not sure about riding in the van again.

console bella 002.JPG

Since I am starting to feel better Mrs. S thinks we should work on my Christmas list. She found this fancy white mailbox at a store nearby that says Santa Letters Only.  If you remember last year I only had two things on my list: camouflage backpack like Sadies and a memory foam orthopedic bed.  I was lucky and got the bed and a bag almost like Sadies for our trip out West.  This year I am getting my list in early as I think that helps. One thing I’m not wishing for is a trip out West. I had way too many problems there. Actually a trip to the beach sounds good to me. Perhaps I’ll add it to my list but not sure if Santa will think me too greedy.

It snowed again but not 16 inches like a few weeks ago. Now that I am in the cities on leash I do not get into as much trouble. I’m more well-behaved. Lucky for me Mr. C takes me every day to the dog park so I can run free and play.  It’s easy to forget I’m a middle-aged dog when I’m there.

Mrs. S is having a party and thinks I should be dressed up for the company. What do you think?

bella holiday 004.JPG

Love, Bella




Once Mrs. S and I got started on my list I couldn’t stop at just one thing.


Here’s my top 10 list. 

  1. Mr. C for taking good care of me
  2. Mrs. S for thinking up fun things to do
  3. Boat rides with a milkbone treat
  4. Mail and the treats Chunk sends to me 
  5. Visits from Sadie, Luna and Mulligan
  6. My orthopedic foam bed  
  7. Crumbs on the floor
  8. Walks with Mr. C and Mrs. S
  9. All my trips with Mr. C and Mrs. S 
  10. Snowplows-now I have a place to pee

Now to the feast-we have guests coming so I need to have my water bowl filled, hide my favorite rug and orange ball and wear a smile on my face.  Here’s what happened last week when Luna and Sadie came to visit.

brownie and sadie 022.JPG.

Sadie took my favorite napping place under the table.

winter and soup and coffee cake 021.JPG

Sadie and Luna fought over my toys.

Here their owner Chris had our undivided attention.

.winter and soup and coffee cake 024.JPG

He had promised treats if we’d all get along. So I am going to do my best at our feast on Thursday when they come again. I’m sure Mrs. S will have lots of yummy treats planned for us all.



Love, Bella

P.S. Today I’ve a new worry-I heard talk recently about a trip out West.



Snow Day-Snow Day

I could hardly see anything out the window. Mr. C said it was whiteout conditions whatever that means. All I know is there’s a whole lot of snow today.

My first clue…guess this means no more dining al fresco for me.


Second clue…


Looks like Mr. C and Mrs. S are not driving anywhere with over a foot of snow.

But for me it was Snow Day-Snow Day and I wasn’t even at school!

I leaped, pranced and jumped through the snow. Mr. C said I acted just like a puppy even though I know I’m middle-aged. I was having lots of fun.




I’m not sure why Mr. C thought we needed orange today. I ask you how could a hunter even see a deer with weather like this?.

We tried taking a walk to the mailbox  but there were so many trees down we had to go home. Mr. C needed his chainsaw. I was exhausted, went inside to nap. Bad me again, did not lift  a paw to help them clear trees. I thought they had it all under control.

Love, Bella

It’s a Winter WonderlandIMG_5107.JPG




Orange and More Orange

I wasn’t overly  confident when Mrs. S declared “We’re suitably attired for the season but there’s no guarantee!”

Can you recognize Mr. C and Mrs. S ?



I’m back at the lake right in the middle of deer season. What were Mr.C and Mrs. S thinking returning to the battlefield. Shots heard off in the distance have kept me in the yard except for my daily supervised walks. Watching Mr. C and Mrs. S doing yard work from my hole has tired me out and bad me, I never lifted one paw to help them.

Lucky me, I’m still able to dine al fresco with lots of warm days but I’ve heard snow is headed our way and lots of it.


Last night well into my evening nap time I was having some kind of nightmare. I woke up quickly and barked to go outside. Mr. C wondered what my hurry was but I wasn’t gone long. I gave a weak bark to be let inside because my mouth was full. I dragged my bone in that I had buried months ago in Paul’s yard. I think I’d been dreaming something or someone was trying to find it and I needed to get it fast . I dropped the bone on my special towel where it would be safe and promptly went back to sleep.


I’m thinking with all this snow coming hunters will want to stay home but Mr.C says they like snow. It’easier to track the deer. I’ve only seen three lately that ran quickly by me and I gave up trying to catch them. Guess my barking must have scared them off into the deep woods.

I’ve been told I get to spend Thanksgiving at the lake. Hopefully I will make it safely through the next 7 days so I can enjoy Mrs. S ‘s feast.

Love, Bella.


Halloween Greetings



holiday appetizers and desserts 004.JPG

It’s a wrap and I don’t mean a leg wrap. I got my last boat ride a few days ago. Mr.C took the boat out of the water and said no more for this year. Lucky he remembered my usual milk bone treat since I was feeling rather sad about all of this. Guess the water is too cold and Mr. C and Mrs. S don’t think boat riding is much fun when they have to wear gloves, hat and a jacket.

Sadie came to visit as Mr. C needed help taking out the dock. I was sure I was one up  on her having this new light up collar. Seems like Sadie has everything-like the fully loaded camouflage back pack she brings for overnights and super thick orthopedic bed but sadly I was wrong. She does have this very same one!


Once I  got over my disappointment we had fun playing with my ball. She at least didn’t have this one.

holiday appetizers and desserts 024.JPG.

Did you know it’s only days away from the opening of deer hunting season? Mrs. S thinks we need to leave soon and head for the cities. She is not convinced that wearing orange will really save me from some crazy hunter.  I must say I have gotten tired of my orange vest. I feel so stuffed in when I have to wear it plus I am just tired of the color.


But I did perk up with Mrs. S‘s recent gift for me even though it is orange. My new collar is pretty cool. It lights up. I’m all aglow so it’s just like having your very own night lite.

Do you remember last year when I had a meltdown over my Halloween costume?  Mrs. S had this dumb idea I should wear a fairy costume with an itchy headband and silly looking wings. So I’m thinking this new light up collar is the answer to my prayers. It’s festive enough and you can see me at night just in case Mrs. S decides we should go trick or treating.

I need to share some good news. First I got mail two times this week from Chunk, my doggie cousin. He sent me two Halloween cards each with a doggie treat inside. That makes the 2 mile trek roundtrip to the mailbox so worth it.

seasonal plate beef kabobs 023

late autumn seasonal plate 033.JPG

My other news is I scored big finding a huge deer leg out in the woods.

deer leg 001.JPG

I was pretty proud of myself. It’s my largest find of the season.  I carried it all the way home to show Mrs. S but she wasn’t there. So Mr. C made me a decent trade of a piece of turkey. He assured me he’d save the bone to show Mrs. S. when she returned.

Hope you scare up some good fun on Halloween and get lots of treats.

Love, Bella