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All About Me

My name is Bella which in Italian means beautiful. I am a yellow lab and some say my sturdy 80-pound frame makes me look quite regal. I live with Mr. C and Mrs. S. who take good care of me. I spend most months at the lake. I love going on walks, boat rides, swimming, exploring the woods, chasing squirrels and rabbits.I have pawed a big hole in the front yard and a small back up hole beside it. I do get annoyed when my doggie friends Sadie and Mulligan come to visit. They mess up my hole and I have to spend time repawing to have it be just the way I like it. Much of my day is spent laying in the cool dirt. From my hole I can patrol the yard keeping watch over Mrs.S’s flowers and scaring intruders off. My main interest is food and I am not a fussy eater. But bacon flavored beggin strips, milk bones and sugar snap peas are some of my favorites.

I am a seasoned traveler. We have taken car trips to Texas, Florida, Georgia, Tucson and Santa Fe. My favorite trips are the ones to the ocean where I can run free on the beach.

Recently Mrs. S enrolled me in a boot camp to lose weight. My last doctor’s report said I was five pounds overweight though it was noted I am in excellent health. Now my bowl has less food, no extra snacks unless something healthy like sugar snap peas and I am up to three walks a day. My goal is to fit into my orange neoprene vest in time for hunting opener.

All this blogging stuff started one night when I had a hard time getting to sleep. I kept going round and round in a tight circle, plopping myself down on my bed hoping to find just the right spot to settle in. Nearby, the computer was on the desk. The fan’s whirl and blinking light made me feel even more restless. Not only was it distracting but its blinking light made me want to get a closer peek. I looked left and right. The house was real quiet. Everyone seemed to be fast asleep. I couldn’t resist any longer.  This was the chance I had been waiting and thinking about for some time. I knew I could do it. I had watched everyone in the family type on the keyboard millions of times. I knew WHAT I WANTED TO SAY! And I wanted to get my story out in cyberspace.

So I made a flying leap for the chair, wiggled into the seat, flipped opened the computer and placed my paws on the keyboard. Then, just like magic, my paws began to furiously type my very first blog…


I got my real blogging start in Rockport,Texas in 2012. They liked my stories and I was asked to be a regular contributor for Wonderful Womens Network. Once a month I send them a story. Here is a link to my last story  http://www.wwnrockport.com/2015/09/the-world-according-to-bella-gone.html

Lucky me, they even sent me this official contributor logo to add to my stories.  wwn official-contributor

Mrs. S thought I needed to dress like a real Texan so she brought this outfit I’m  wearing in the picture. One Halloween I even used it for my costume.

I plan to blog several times a week so be sure to bookmark my address to find me quickly. Also Mrs. S will let you know on her blog sockfairies.blogspot.com when I post.

Love, Bella

P.S. You know how much I love mail. Be sure to leave me a note at end of blog!