Alive and Well in Arizona

13 is my lucky number. I’ve been here 13 days and still going strong. I’ve managed to successfully dodge javelinas, coyotes, and rattlesnakes when out on my walks but oh my, the heat has slowed me down. When Mrs. S announced it was 94 degrees I decided a long afternoon nap would be good till it cooled down. Next thing I knew Mrs. S was calling my name over and over. I’d been having the best dream about running in the snow across the lake.


When it’s not too hot I like resting on the patio in the early morning. I can’t see much over the wall but there are lots of birds to entertain me especially the mourning doves that fly by and sometimes stop to rest on the wall.

morning dove

I’ve tried my best but I just can’t seem to catch one.

Mrs. S and Mr. C have the best friends. Sheila and Spence stopped by for a visit. Remember Spence was my savior last year when I ran into the desert after the javelinsa and he helped find me?  My story was at  I was real happy to see them after a year and they didn’t even notice I had aged one bit. They remembered me with a treat. I wanted to eat the whole thing but Mrs. S suggested I should save some for another day.

jambayla dinner 008

jambayla dinner 010

I’m not missing home very much, at least not yet. There always seems like a lot to do with new places to explore and a dog park where I can keep track of bunnies nearby. Mrs. S wanted me to wish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day. She made cupcakes and I got to finish my large milkbone treat. But I do hate when she dresses me up!

Love, Bellamoon and bella 020