On the Move

Wondering how my time at Mulligan’s house went while Mr. C and Mrs.S were gone on their trip? Well after one day I figured out their routine.  I had no problem settling in, especially when I got bed privileges to watch my dog sitter’s shows with her. They told Mrs. S I was the perfect guest. I did find time to write Mrs. S who seemed worried I’d be lonesome without her.

Hi Mom & Dad, 

I am doing just fine. I know my schedule very well and just in case Mulligan’s mom forgets about that 4:30 walk I start talking to her every day at 3:30. I bark and whine. Mulligan’s mom thinks I even talk telling her it’s almost time we should be getting ready . Mulligan acts like no big deal just keeps relaxing so I really try because he must know something I don’t . But sure enough at exactly 4:15 everyday (Millionaire show commercial time) she starts getting her snow pants on then we both act like we don’t care or want to go but once she heads for the front door we are at her heels just in case she leaves us behind! I heard you guys are doing lots of sightseeing and riding buses so it doesn’t sound like I am missing anything. I would rather be with my buddy Mulligan. 

Love, Bella

After being at home only one day, getting used to my usual routine and catching up on my sleep


things got confusing. Mr. C and Mrs. S seemed to be packing and not unpacking from their trip. A lot of stuff was hauled out to the car in fact more than the usual amount going to the lake. But I wasn’t about to miss my ride so I said nothing and jumped right in. I barked when Mr. C missed the turn to go up north instead he turned south. I started to feel hopeful thinking maybe we were going to have a beach adventure but when he turned west that’s when I started worrying what’s ahead for me. I asked myself how can this be? You don’t suppose they’d do something awful like go back to Arizona after all our troubles last year?

Hours of being in the car, staring out the window, power napping  and short stops at rest areas were tiring. But I never once whined and didn’t cause any trouble.  Mrs S did her best to cheer me up with treats. She reminded me we were staying at my favorite dog friendly hotel where they’d have a treat ready for me in my room.

If indeed Arizona is our destination I will need lots of good luck to survive javelinas, coyotes and rattlesnakes.

Love, Bella

bella sadie luna 015.JPG