Wintry Greeting

Mrs. S’s voice woke me up from a sound sleep.

salmon 001

I was having just the best dream running down the beach, ears flapping in the breeze chasing birds.  Seems like she thought I needed a weather report. When I heard -17 I wasted no time outside, did my business and promptly went back to my warm bed even skipping breakfast. I decided to wait for the promised warm-up before venturing back out.  Just as Mrs. S was telling me Rockport’s warm temperature I fell back to sleep hoping to finish off my nice dream.

But looks like dreaming about a warm place by the sea is the closest I will get to it. Last night Mr. C and Mrs. S broke the bad news to me. They’ve found somewhere warm to go and dogs are not allowed. In fact I am being abandoned for TWO WHOLE weeks.  Imagine that! Here I thought we were a team and always sticking together for adventures.  I don’t think they will have a very good time exploring and visiting places without me. Mrs. S reassured me I’ll have loads of fun at Mulligan’s house as every day will be a play date.

I’m sure Mrs. S will leave her usual list of instructions: it’s a NO-NO to jump up on beds and couches, no whining allowed or begging for early breakfasts and dinners. Lucky for me my dog sitter doesn’t follow instructions very well, which is fine by me. Last time I stayed there she didn’t care for the size of my doggie bed. She thought I was hanging off the edge too much and looked uncomfortable. So I got a pillow and 2 blankets rolled up and indeed was quite comfy. And then I thought I had hit the jackpot being allowed on my dog sitter’s bed next to Mulligan. Maybe it was my sad brown eyes or my best tail wag that did the trick. And guess what we all like the same shows. I do get extra treats but still… a trip without me! What were they thinking planning this escape??

Here’s a photo of my buddy Mulligan and me. He is a mini- me, being slightly smaller. I am on the right; Mulligan is on the left. Mr. C can hardly tell us apart.


Trying to climb and jump over snow piles to explore the woods has been a winter challenge for for me, a middle-aged dog.


But you just never know when the unexpected will come your way.

lake and soup 010.JPG

I dug this frozen item out yesterday from my neighbor’s yard.

magazine spice 012.JPG

Of course Mrs. S freaked out like she usually does since I would not obey the command “Drop It!” heard many times over. I ran off with what she thought was part of a deer leg. It was clenched tightly in my jaws. I was hurrying back to the house to show Mr. C my prize. Well the last laugh was on Mrs.  S. It was not a deer leg but a small loaf of frozen bread.  They made a trade with me anyway. This time I got a few chicken pieces.

I hope to keep up my blogging just from a different location. I checked my bag carefully to make sure Mr. C wouldn’t forget anything.  I really like my orange ball and am worried I’ll have to share. Last time I was at Mulligan’s house he chewed off a small piece.

Love, Bella