Arctic Blast Survival



I think when this snowman read the outdoor temperature at -31temp-008

he knew it was time to get out-of-town. Since I ‘m not hearing anything about a Florida trip I have spent much time indoors doing a lot of power napping. Finally  Mrs. S gave us the all clear. It was above zero and the sun was out. Here’s how I spent the last few days trying to ignore the arctic blast of cold air.

Mr. C and I took our usual walks to the mailbox. There was not much to find. Everything was frozen.


bella outdoors 022.JPG

Climbing over the snow hills proved to be a tough challenge. I was looking for the ball Mr. C threw to me.

bella outdoors 023.JPG

bella outdoors 006.JPG

I did check on Paul’s ice house. He was not there. I was lucky to find a fish head nearby but Mr. C was prepared with a trade. He also reminded me how sick I got one year from over indulging on the lake seafood buffet.

bella outdoors 010.JPG

bella outdoors 013.JPG

Often I had to stop and wait for Mrs. S. She did not seem to keep up well-always stopping to take pictures.


bella outdoors 015.JPG

I had great fun running all around the lake today. I tried my best to catch up with two deer that were headed over to the island.

bella outdoors 020.JPG

Now that Mr. C and Mrs. S were done skiing the lake I wondered what was next on the agenda. I did hear something about a break and a snack.  Running around the lake indeed is hard work.

bella nap 002.JPG

Love, Bella

P.S. What fun things are you doing to survive the arctic blast?