Arctic Blast Survival



I think when this snowman read the outdoor temperature at -31temp-008

he knew it was time to get out-of-town. Since I ‘m not hearing anything about a Florida trip I have spent much time indoors doing a lot of power napping. Finally  Mrs. S gave us the all clear. It was above zero and the sun was out. Here’s how I spent the last few days trying to ignore the arctic blast of cold air.

Mr. C and I took our usual walks to the mailbox. There was not much to find. Everything was frozen.


bella outdoors 022.JPG

Climbing over the snow hills proved to be a tough challenge. I was looking for the ball Mr. C threw to me.

bella outdoors 023.JPG

bella outdoors 006.JPG

I did check on Paul’s ice house. He was not there. I was lucky to find a fish head nearby but Mr. C was prepared with a trade. He also reminded me how sick I got one year from over indulging on the lake seafood buffet.

bella outdoors 010.JPG

bella outdoors 013.JPG

Often I had to stop and wait for Mrs. S. She did not seem to keep up well-always stopping to take pictures.


bella outdoors 015.JPG

I had great fun running all around the lake today. I tried my best to catch up with two deer that were headed over to the island.

bella outdoors 020.JPG

Now that Mr. C and Mrs. S were done skiing the lake I wondered what was next on the agenda. I did hear something about a break and a snack.  Running around the lake indeed is hard work.

bella nap 002.JPG

Love, Bella

P.S. What fun things are you doing to survive the arctic blast?




Arctic Blast

Happy New Year to you all! So far mine has been cold, cold, and really cold.


I’ve been forced indoors for long periods of time with not much to do. It has been really boring. Lucky for me the latest copy of Modern Dog arrived


Mrs. S has been reading me some of the articles. A couple of my favorite pages were


seeing all the winners from the 2016 photo contest. Mrs S was sure I could win this year if we sent in a picture. My choice would be wearing my cowgirl Texas outfit. My biggest fear is she’ll pick…



new years eve 028.JPG

Mrs S thought this article was informative since I have arthritis.  Maybe I can get some new kind of treatment and won’t have to use the DIY ramp Mr. C made me which by the way was NOT a very exciting Christmas present.

new years eve 027.JPG

I especially liked the gift guide page and saw a few things that could possibly go on my wish list .

Mrs. S really liked the recipe page with delish doggie treats.

new years eve 031.JPG

new years eve 005.JPG

This is how my new years eve played out. We got an invite to Sadie’s house. Her owner Jenny, was real nice and brought out Sadie’s memory foam, orthopedic bed that I like so well so I could be nice and comfy.  Chris had snacks for us and got our attention for raw hide bones.

new years eve 009.JPG

We all went to our spots and had a few good chews. Later just watching Sadie and Luna wrestle exhausted me.

new years eve 002.JPG

new years eve 001.JPG

Notice Sadie kept close watch on her bed while I napped. I think she was worried I’d take it home.

Love, Bella