One More Christmas Tail

I spent part of Christmas Eve checking NORAD on Santa’s whereabouts and following his tweets. Mrs. S put on the TV Yule log to make the waiting time go faster. I stationed myself right by the patio door thinking I’d see either Santa’s sleigh or hear his bells jingle.

Christmas 2016 065.JPG

Perhaps it was the warm fire from the Yule Log, the music, darkness or the quiet house but I was feeling rather sleepy. I had a hard time keeping my eyes open. Much later I woke up to hear Mr. C and Mrs. S come into the house. I didn’t even know they had left. I jumped up to make a stocking check. Disappointed I let me Mr. C know we needed to go out to see if we could find Santa. We walked all around the neighborhood, searched the skies but sadly there was nothing to report.

Mrs.S and I checked Santa’s route online again and it looked like a long time before a Minnesota stop since he had just passed over Moscow. I rechecked the table to make sure Mrs. S didn’t forget to put out cookies and milk for Santa. They were still there and I resisted any nibbles.  I didn’t want to miss Santa so I decided to wait under the table, a favorite nap spot of mine. I thought when he came down the chimney I’d be able to see him for sure or when he came to the table for his cookies and milk. But I got so tired from all the excitement of waiting, I fell fast asleep.

I was having some good dreams when the sound of jingle bells woke me up. I quickly moved out from under the table just in time to see a bit of red disappear up the chimney.

Quickly I got Mr. C and Mrs. S up to let them know Santa had indeed arrived. My stocking was filled but I needed some help.  bellachristmas-007

pup treat 001.JPG

Here was one beefy treat I could hardly wait to dig in.

There were some unexpected gifts I am still unsure about. My Texas outfit was a clue I was getting a trip out West which I really didn’t want. But I don’t want to be left behind. Maybe it will be more fun than last year.

bellachristmas 004.JPG


And this so-called gift was a real puzzler. bellachristmas 002.JPG

Mr. C was proud of his DIY. I was annoyed when I heard what it was. I may be a middle-aged dog but I certainly don’t need a ramp to make my life easier jumping into the van. If it isn’t edible who needs it.


I hope Santa was good to you. dog-christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS-See you in 2017

Love, Bella