I’ve Been Bad

My stocking has been hung by the chimney with care


and my list was mailed well in advance.


But sadly, I am not too hopeful since lately I seem to have been bad. In fact I’m probably crossed off Santa’s good list by now. I guess my voracious appetite finally got the best of me again. But to be fair Mrs. S is partly to blame. After all, you’d think she would have remembered back a few years ago when she left tempting treats out unattended. Here’s how all that went down. At least this is what I could make of the story in between her screams.

Mrs. S had spent a bit of time making party favors for a luncheon. Inside each small Christmas paper was stapled a small plastic bag filled with seven foil wrapped Hershey Kisses. She had put the twenty-four party favors in a grocery bag in the back room, but forgot to close the door. That was her first mistake. Mrs. S left the house. That was her second mistake. The smell of chocolate went right to my nose. It was at that point I lost control. I just couldn’t help myself and stop at just one. Do the math. I devoured over 140 foiled wrapped chocolate kisses. Then I got real sick.

Yesterday even though I was tempted, I resisted and did not eat one of Mrs. S’s yummy looking treats.


I spent a lot of time gnawing on this humongous bone, an early Christmas gift from my BFF Deb.

bella bone 001.JPG

bella bone 005.JPG

After what seemed like a very long time I was worn out battling this monster of a bone. I needed a break and took a nap.bella-bone-015

And that’s where my badness came in. I awoke from my nap and was surprised to find the house real quiet and no cooking smells from the kitchen. It was then I realized I was home alone!   After what seemed a very long time boredom set in. Looking around for something to do (my jaw was plain tired after all my gnawing and chewing) I spied something red and furry with a familiar smell of chocolate on the floor.


I couldn’t help myself and dug right in.

gingerrtbread topper and Bella sock 007.JPG

You’d think Mrs. S would have learned her lesson. It’s her fault again leaving the door open to a room I’m not allowed in. This year Mrs. S made party favors for a group dinner.  Because of my badness now several socks have been chewed on but I used some self-control. I ate only a few pieces of chocolate and luckily did not get sick. Still Mrs. S is not too happy with me.

So now I’m in the countdown and hoping Santa doesn’t find out about my latest bad thing. To make Mrs. S happy I’m wearing another new festive headpiece without one complaint.


Love, Bella