Once Mrs. S and I got started on my list I couldn’t stop at just one thing.


Here’s my top 10 list. 

  1. Mr. C for taking good care of me
  2. Mrs. S for thinking up fun things to do
  3. Boat rides with a milkbone treat
  4. Mail and the treats Chunk sends to me 
  5. Visits from Sadie, Luna and Mulligan
  6. My orthopedic foam bed  
  7. Crumbs on the floor
  8. Walks with Mr. C and Mrs. S
  9. All my trips with Mr. C and Mrs. S 
  10. Snowplows-now I have a place to pee

Now to the feast-we have guests coming so I need to have my water bowl filled, hide my favorite rug and orange ball and wear a smile on my face.  Here’s what happened last week when Luna and Sadie came to visit.

brownie and sadie 022.JPG.

Sadie took my favorite napping place under the table.

winter and soup and coffee cake 021.JPG

Sadie and Luna fought over my toys.

Here their owner Chris had our undivided attention.

.winter and soup and coffee cake 024.JPG

He had promised treats if we’d all get along. So I am going to do my best at our feast on Thursday when they come again. I’m sure Mrs. S will have lots of yummy treats planned for us all.



Love, Bella

P.S. Today I’ve a new worry-I heard talk recently about a trip out West.