Snow Day-Snow Day

I could hardly see anything out the window. Mr. C said it was whiteout conditions whatever that means. All I know is there’s a whole lot of snow today.

My first clue…guess this means no more dining al fresco for me.


Second clue…


Looks like Mr. C and Mrs. S are not driving anywhere with over a foot of snow.

But for me it was Snow Day-Snow Day and I wasn’t even at school!

I leaped, pranced and jumped through the snow. Mr. C said I acted just like a puppy even though I know I’m middle-aged. I was having lots of fun.




I’m not sure why Mr. C thought we needed orange today. I ask you how could a hunter even see a deer with weather like this?.

We tried taking a walk to the mailbox  but there were so many trees down we had to go home. Mr. C needed his chainsaw. I was exhausted, went inside to nap. Bad me again, did not lift  a paw to help them clear trees. I thought they had it all under control.

Love, Bella

It’s a Winter WonderlandIMG_5107.JPG