Orange and More Orange

I wasn’t overly  confident when Mrs. S declared “We’re suitably attired for the season but there’s no guarantee!”

Can you recognize Mr. C and Mrs. S ?



I’m back at the lake right in the middle of deer season. What were Mr.C and Mrs. S thinking returning to the battlefield. Shots heard off in the distance have kept me in the yard except for my daily supervised walks. Watching Mr. C and Mrs. S doing yard work from my hole has tired me out and bad me, I never lifted one paw to help them.

Lucky me, I’m still able to dine al fresco with lots of warm days but I’ve heard snow is headed our way and lots of it.


Last night well into my evening nap time I was having some kind of nightmare. I woke up quickly and barked to go outside. Mr. C wondered what my hurry was but I wasn’t gone long. I gave a weak bark to be let inside because my mouth was full. I dragged my bone in that I had buried months ago in Paul’s yard. I think I’d been dreaming something or someone was trying to find it and I needed to get it fast . I dropped the bone on my special towel where it would be safe and promptly went back to sleep.


I’m thinking with all this snow coming hunters will want to stay home but Mr.C says they like snow. It’easier to track the deer. I’ve only seen three lately that ran quickly by me and I gave up trying to catch them. Guess my barking must have scared them off into the deep woods.

I’ve been told I get to spend Thanksgiving at the lake. Hopefully I will make it safely through the next 7 days so I can enjoy Mrs. S ‘s feast.

Love, Bella.