Halloween Greetings



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It’s a wrap and I don’t mean a leg wrap. I got my last boat ride a few days ago. Mr.C took the boat out of the water and said no more for this year. Lucky he remembered my usual milk bone treat since I was feeling rather sad about all of this. Guess the water is too cold and Mr. C and Mrs. S don’t think boat riding is much fun when they have to wear gloves, hat and a jacket.

Sadie came to visit as Mr. C needed help taking out the dock. I was sure I was one up  on her having this new light up collar. Seems like Sadie has everything-like the fully loaded camouflage back pack she brings for overnights and super thick orthopedic bed but sadly I was wrong. She does have this very same one!


Once I  got over my disappointment we had fun playing with my ball. She at least didn’t have this one.

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Did you know it’s only days away from the opening of deer hunting season? Mrs. S thinks we need to leave soon and head for the cities. She is not convinced that wearing orange will really save me from some crazy hunter.  I must say I have gotten tired of my orange vest. I feel so stuffed in when I have to wear it plus I am just tired of the color.


But I did perk up with Mrs. S‘s recent gift for me even though it is orange. My new collar is pretty cool. It lights up. I’m all aglow so it’s just like having your very own night lite.

Do you remember last year when I had a meltdown over my Halloween costume?  Mrs. S had this dumb idea I should wear a fairy costume with an itchy headband and silly looking wings. So I’m thinking this new light up collar is the answer to my prayers. It’s festive enough and you can see me at night just in case Mrs. S decides we should go trick or treating.

I need to share some good news. First I got mail two times this week from Chunk, my doggie cousin. He sent me two Halloween cards each with a doggie treat inside. That makes the 2 mile trek roundtrip to the mailbox so worth it.

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late autumn seasonal plate 033.JPG

My other news is I scored big finding a huge deer leg out in the woods.

deer leg 001.JPG

I was pretty proud of myself. It’s my largest find of the season.  I carried it all the way home to show Mrs. S but she wasn’t there. So Mr. C made me a decent trade of a piece of turkey. He assured me he’d save the bone to show Mrs. S. when she returned.

Hope you scare up some good fun on Halloween and get lots of treats.

Love, Bella