All Aglow

I was beginning to think Mrs. S would never return. The days seemed long waiting so I mostly laid around the house and took a few walks with Mr. C. He does good taking care of me but it’s more fun when Mrs. S is here. She thinks up lots of things for us to do and I miss her cooking. There’s hardly been a crumb on the floor.


Upon her return from the cities she did not disappoint. A rawhide bone is  one treat that fully commands my attention for a long time. But I only took a few chews and  I was

bella jenny school 011.JPG

off and running to Paul’s house next door. I wanted to bury it with all my other secret stash. Mr. C and Mrs. S have yet to find where as I am real sneaky about the exact place.

bella jenny school 006.JPG

My second gift from Mrs.S may prevent me from having another Halloween meltdown. If you remember last year Mrs S stressed me out totally with HER costume choice.


It was embarrassing and I felt just plain dumb wearing fairy wings and an itchy headband. Lucky for me I was saved by the rain which cancelled the dog park Halloween parade.Here’s a link to that post.

Check out my new collar. It may look like an ordinary bright orange one BUT it


lights up! I’m all aglow and it’s perfect for Halloween. And now I have my very own night-light.

bella tag slab pie 003.JPG

Love, Bella