A Tight Fit-But I’m In

fall walk bella 023.JPG

My recent physical exam report card from Dr. Steve left me feeling a bit euphoric (Mrs. S helped me find this word). For a middle-aged dog it doesn’t get any better when Mrs. S read Bella appears to be in excellent health and she has beautiful teeth.  The sentences were even highlighted.in yellow. But the best part was my weight-finally in the normal range. Which means Mrs. S will NOT be putting me through last year’s boot camp to lose weight to fit into my orange neoprene vest. If you recall the Velcro on the vest would not come together and I could hardly breathe it was so tight.

gingerbread loaf cake 035.JPG

Mrs. S’s boot camp diet meant less food at breakfast and dinner and any in between snacks were monitored to be only healthy ones like snap peas. Many days I was so hungry I begged for dinner starting mid-afternoon. Several days my hunger pains forced me to scavenge the woods looking for food.  But this year it’s a whole new story. The vest fits and with only 35 days left until opening deer season I’m in good shape.

gingerbread loaf cake 039.JPG

It won’t be hard to maintain my weight since Mr. C and Mrs. S have upped our daily walks and guard duty keeps me busy with increased intruder activity. Squirrels and chipmunks are chewing up pine cones leaving a huge mess behind on the deck. It’s a challenge keeping up with the steady flow of deer traffic across the yard into the woods. Chipmunks seem to be everywhere dashing from place to place burying their stash for the winter.  Yesterday I spied two bunnies racing to safety under the porch.

chicken coop 009

Some days I hardly have any time for my naps as I’m busy chasing, running and barking.  Last week I wanted a pass on a car trip to the cities . It would be a long time leaving the yard unattended but I was forced to vacate my guard position and go along for the long car ride. Upon our return my job went into high gear clearing the yard of critters. Mr. C and Mrs. S think I’m doing a great job being a watch dog. Today I got a boat ride, Mr. C and Mrs. S wanted to look at fall colors.

fall boating 002.JPG

fall boating 009.JPG

I was surprised there were no loons in sight. In fact nothing all to bark at. It was a rather boring ride but at least I got my usual milkbone treat.

milkbone 001.JPG

Love, Bella