Paws for a Photo


Early Sept photos 046

Mrs. S was lucky to get all four of us to pose for the photo and stand still. Luna, Sadie, and Mulligan all paid us a holiday weekend visit. Do you think I look too tired ?  Well I am. I feel old . It was exhausting keeping up with them even though I had fun. Mulligan showed up first. While he was busy checking out everything I was beginning to unravel.

First he grabbed my favorite bone. Then he spent a long time chewing on it. I sat in my hole watching all this feeling a bit annoyed. When Mr.C got my dinner bowl out I moved from my hole. Mistake #1  Mulligan plopped in my hole and would not budge for the longest time.

Finally Mulligan moved inside for his dinner.Lucky I didn’t need water as he finished my whole bowl and needed a refill. After he ate he discovered my toys in the basket. He settled on playing with one of my favorite ones. Mrs. S had brought us all rawhide bones for a treat. By that time I had had it. I quickly put my paw on it just in case Mulligan thought it was his.

Early Sept photos 048.JPG

When Mrs. S told me it was time for bed I  made a beeline for upstairs. I wanted to make sure Mulligan was NOT getting my bed!  I woke up in the middle of the night. I heard Mulligan outside checking out some scary noises.  Usually I would go out to make a check myself but I was too exhausted to move.

The next day Luna and Sadie showed up for dinner. Their owners thought it best to keep them on a leash because they are so energetic. Good move as neither of them took my bone, nor sat in my hole or played with my toys. Actually they were the perfect guests.

After they all left I had to redig my hole.Early Sept photos 058.JPG

I sat for several hours until the rain came. My hole was quickly filling up with water. Mrs. S said it was time to go in.

How was your holiday?

Love, Bella