I’m Back

Perhaps you wondered where I’ve been. I was forced to take an entire month off from blogging but I can assure you I’m back. Hope to be more regular at this blogging stuff.  All I can say it’s all Mrs. S ‘s fault . She’s been my hold-up for a variety of reasons.

My interrupted summer continues with a variety of events. Lucky for me I’ve a bed waiting for me in the cities as well as food. We’ve had to make many unexpected  trips there this past month.  But I was fine with it as Mr. C did take me to the dog park a lot so I could meet up with my friends.

When I am not traveling back and forth to the cities I have spent a lot of time redigging my hole to get it just right. Some days have been real warm and it feels good to lay there.

chicken coop 008.JPG

I did get in trouble the other day for taking what Mrs. S called an unsupervised swim. Seems Mrs.S was looking all over for me and didn’t  realize I was having fun cooling off in the water. But I was real sad when Mr. C left me behind. He knows how much I love boat rides even though  he reminded me why I couldn’t go. I lost my fishing privileges a few months back when  all my barking at birds was scaring the fish away.   At least that’s what Mr. C said. But I think it’s a lame excuse since I hardly ever see Mr.s C bring fish back for us to eat.

june lake seasonal plate bellasadie 071

I am not sure why Mrs. S felt like she had to splurge on a huge bone for me from the meat market

seasonal plate 007 .

as I am capable of finding my own bones out in the woods. Today I found this on my morning walk.

bone and sunset 004

But Mrs. S was quick and I was weak . I gave up easily for a turkey trade. I had planned to bury it over in Paul’s yard next door. I’ve found a good place where I keep my stash of bones. The bone from the meat market was there for over a month before it reappeared in our yard. I never forget important stuff like where I’ve buried something.

Everyday we walk to the mailbox. And everyday there is nothing for me until last week when I got mail. YIPPEE!  Chunk remembered me and sent a nice note with a treat. I hope to get more.

seasonal plate beef kabobs 023 

Even getting Dr. Steve ‘s magazine about my fall visit reminder was good. I liked how he puts my picture on the front cover.

bella magazine 004

Hope your summer is going good. Be sure to send me a note and let me know what you are up to.

Love, Bella