Interrupted Summer

An unexpected storm interrupted our summer.  It was the middle of the night. I was sleeping soundly when Mrs. S screamed ” What was that?”

A huge noise of something hitting the house startled us all. Then there was a loud beep and everything went black. The power was gone. Flashes of lightning across the lake, wind blowing hard and rain beating against the windows got our attention. I was scared. I do not like storms and loud scary noises. Mr.C hurried us all down to the basement another scary spot for me. Maybe he thought we’d be safer there. Mrs. S bought my bed down but no way was I sleeping. After awhile it got real quiet. The wind, rain  and lightning had finally stopped.

Mr. C was brave. He got a flashlight and went outside to check things out. His report was bad. He saw lots of trees down and one resting against the side the house. I had a hard time getting back to sleep. I was worried the storm might come back.

When it got light we all went out to see what really happened. I stayed on the porch while Mr. C and Mrs.S checked everything  out. Looked real bad to me with all the tress and branches scattered about. This tree hit the house but didn’t do any damage.

storm 004.JPG

Mr. C said the tree was at least 100 feet. Check out the end of it. chicken coop 004

storm 028

Our yard was a mess. But some of our neighbors had it worse.

storm 037

Mr. C and Mrs. S went right to work and so did I .My hole was a real mess after the storm so I had to redig it just the way I like it. It’s been really hot. The dirt feels cool to lie in it.

chicken coop 009

I didn’t want to miss anything so I kept a close watch on Mr. C .

chicken coop 007

After awhile Mrs S thought we needed a work break. On our way to the mailbox we stopped to visit with a neighbor. She wanted to show us her new girls all 26 of them. But I did not realize 26 girls meant 26 chickens. I went crazy. I wanted in.

chicken coop 010

They all watched me run round and round that coop hoping to find my way in.When that didn’t work I took to hanging on the fence hoping I could get in that way. Mrs . S yelled many times telling me to stop. I ignored her. It took 3 people to finally catch me by the collar. Mrs. S dragged me down the hill and back onto the road.  I kept looking back. I am trying to figure out how I can make a return visit and not be noticed.

What an exciting three days.

Love, Bella