I Love a 4th of July Boat Parade

Three cheers for red, white and blue and a lake boat parade. I jumped on first since I did not want to be left behind.

boat parade 002

Our company was ready, boat parade 005

boat parade 043

Mr.C was ready and Mrs S was right there to get all our parade pictures .

boat parade 007

I took my usual spot up front to watch all kinds of boats set sail. The sailboat had a really hard time keeping up with the parade.

boat parade 036.JPG

The seas were choppy. It was windy. My ears were flapping and we almost lost a hat.

boat parade 008

Enjoy our parade.

boat parade 047

boat parade 039

boat parade 022

Even those on shore dressed up for the day. I gave them all my best paw wave.

boat parade 037

boat parade 026

And this was just our morning activity. Mrs S kept us busy all afternoon and well into the evening with games, lots of treats, a campfire,s’mores and then there were the noisy fireworks. It was at that point I begged to go inside. I do not like scary noises besides I really I needed a nap. I was totally worn out.

bella scarf 002

Check out the new gift I got for the holiday. It’s really colorful. I like it better than my star one. I hope your day was as fun as mine.  Did you need a nap too?

Love, Bella

PS. Good news! Mrs. S sent my picture in to the WWN Roving reporter site and they published it.