Almost Normal

Today was a major break through. Mr.C unwrapped me and

bella wrap 004

bella wrap 005

it felt so goooood to be almost normal. But Mr. C has given me strict instructions-no licking otherwise it’s back on with a new wrap. He did allow me a few licks but I’m being watched 24/7. I guess I should try some self-control. Even Mrs. S’s recent company kept a close eye on me. No fun!!

bella wrap 008

But what I didn’t hear is how much I have to wear that dreaded cone when no one is around.

June foods Bella 018

Mrs. S thought we needed a little celebration. She bought me two new books. Check out these great titles. I had a wonderful time listening to Mrs. S read . Both books had very useful information for me.

june phone 026


june phone 025

Thanks to those who signed the petition. I think it helped.

Love, Bella

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