Almost Normal

Today was a major break through. Mr.C unwrapped me and

bella wrap 004

bella wrap 005

it felt so goooood to be almost normal. But Mr. C has given me strict instructions-no licking otherwise it’s back on with a new wrap. He did allow me a few licks but I’m being watched 24/7. I guess I should try some self-control. Even Mrs. S’s recent company kept a close eye on me. No fun!!

bella wrap 008

But what I didn’t hear is how much I have to wear that dreaded cone when no one is around.

June foods Bella 018

Mrs. S thought we needed a little celebration. She bought me two new books. Check out these great titles. I had a wonderful time listening to Mrs. S read . Both books had very useful information for me.

june phone 026


june phone 025

Thanks to those who signed the petition. I think it helped.

Love, Bella

save petition


An Upgrade

Well it’s been 5 weeks since my surgery and I am still wrapped. I think Mr. C really needs to” get a grip” as he seems obsessive over what he calls my OCD  behavior. He insists I am wrapped at all times until my licking stops and my wound heals. He thinks there have been way too many setbacks.

may phone 047

And if that isn’t enough I think I am “coned for life” at night. Out of desperation, (he thinks I lick my leg too much chewing through the wrap)  he went and bought me an upgrade cone model for $34.95. So I went from this plastic cone model to

cone lettuce cups 001

June foods Bella 020

the comfy foam cone model. But I’m exhausted every morning. It’s really hard to sleep at night wearing this humongous cone.

June foods Bella 018

save me

I am hoping you will consider signing this petition below to persuade Mr. C to “decone ” me. Even Mrs.S signed it.  I think 10 names should be enough to make Mr. C change his mind. At least I hope 10 names is enough.

save petition

Save Bella from the Comfy Cone

  1. Mrs. S
  2. Mrs. I
  3. Mrs. M
  4. __________
  5. __________
  6. __________
  7. __________
  8. __________
  9. __________
  10. __________

Thanks for considering my request.

Love, Bella