I’ve Been Bad


bella leg wrap 002

I’ve been bad, very bad. Mr.C and Mrs. S left me unsupervised for only one hour today. My OCD kicked into overdrive the minute they left. I chewed and chewed and I might add quite successfully to get through the tape and blue leg wrap to reach my leg to lick.

Mr.C was not happy as this new leg wrap just went on last night. Sadie’s owner got me fixed up real good. And I even posed happily for this photo. Mr. C added on more tape to make sure it stayed put. I did well for most of the day and did not have to wear that dreaded cone of shame.

may phone 047 .

So far my track record since surgery has been impressive.I started out 4 weeks ago with a red wrap.bella strawberry pie 003

But I’ve unwrapped, Mr. C.has rewrapped. I’ve unwrapped and Mr. C rewrapped and on and on. I can now tell you I have been through a red wrap, three white socks, one Ace bandage, another white sock that was even duct taped (guess Mr. C was desperate on that one)

asian dinner boating 021

a blue Ace bandage and tonight back to a white sock. I am exhausted with all this unwrap, rewrap stuff. And Mr. C is real  annoyed with me. He says it never seems to end. What Mr. C doesn’t get is I just can’t help myself to stop. Now he has informed me that this is his last white sock. I wonder what’s next.  Guess it’s probably back to the dreaded cone of shame. 

bella leg wrap 004

Love, Bella