Unwrapped but Back to Wrapped

Finally the day I had been anticipating since surgery arrived. I got “unwrapped”. It was at that given moment when Mr. C unwrapped the bandage on my leg my OCD kicked into overdrive. I could not stop licking my leg which itched and my stitches.  All day I was under close observation by Mr. C and Mrs. S. But when nighttime came around I was getting sick of hearing “Bella, stop licking!” These words rang on through the night.  I don’t think Mr. C and Mrs. S slept well. By morning I heard them say my OCD behavior was out of control.  Mr. C made a visit to the vet. My life took a turn for the worse when he came back with the dreaded cone of shame. I was forced to wear it that night.

 cone lettuce cups 001

Now I ask you how did they expect me to sleep with this on. I tried my best to paw it off. I whimpered, whined , paced the floor and pawed at their bed. But Mr. C was firm. The cone would remain for the night. I guess Mrs. S had enough of my antics. In the middle of the night she slammed the door and went somewhere else to sleep. I was exhausted myself the next day with little sleep too. After two nights of cone wearing Mr. C had enough and told me I did not have to wear it. Hallelujah!

On day 10 we made a return visit to the vet. The good news is I lost another pound but there is some bad news. I had hoped Mr. C and Dr. Steve wouldn’t notice what I did. When they went to look at my stitches for removal they did not realize I had already taken care of it. I had been left unattended the day before and  just couldn’t help myself with excessive licking.  Besides I thought I’d save Mr. C a return trip to the vet and some money. There were not amused. Dr. Steve rewrapped my leg again with a little white sock.

Later in the day we made a trip to Sadie’s house. I met Gunner and Joey there for a birthday party. We all waited patiently for our promised treats since none of us wanted cake.

sadie and friends 004

These past two weeks have been stressful even though I like being off leash. Sadie’s owner cheered me up. She let me use Sadie’s orthopedic memory foam bed that I so like. I fell sound asleep. I even was too tired to finish my rawhide bone and missed some of the party.


But that was last night and today I’m in trouble again. During the night I worked real hard to chew a hole in my sock so I could reach my leg to lick.  Now I’m worried Mr. C will make me wear the dreaded cone of shame tonight.

Love, Bella