It’s A Wrap

It’s a wrap but not what you think. It’s my leg wrap from surgery. So what do you think of the color? I’ve been getting lots of attention from everyone who want to know what ‘s wrong with my leg.

bella strawberry pie 003

But maybe I should start at the beginning. This past week I had surgery to remove a tumor off my back leg. I was a bit worried about it all especially the part about missing a meal. Lucky for me the night before my neighbor came to my rescue. She dropped off what Mrs.  S called a presurgery gift. And it was  my favorite snack.

joannestrawberrysalad 022

The large milkbone was perfect for an evening snack so missing breakfast didn’t seem so bad. Though I did check my bowl just in casejoannestrawberrysalad 032

My weigh in was good-same as a few weeks ago.


.april may phone 1643

Dr. Steve’s assistant checked me all over.  I was really good and stood very still.  Then I got the okay for surgery but I was nervous. My tail was between my legs. Mrs. S  seemed real sad to leave. I wished I could have gone with her.  After that I did not remember a thing. Later when Dr. Steve showed Mr. C and Mrs. S surgery pictures I had to close my eyes. The pictures looked bad to me. But the good news is I am alive and the tumor was benign whatever that means. Dr. Steve even wrote  fantastic on one of the papers for my test results.

bella kentucky derby 009

Now I have six stitches and good as new as they say. Guess I  did not listen to this part Mrs. S read from the sheet on our ride home…for the next 7 days restrict activity and do not encourage playing. Please keep her inside the next day or two to monitor her recovery. Please feed Bella half her regular ration of food this evening. 

Well let me tell you I wasted no time when we got back home. I headed straight for my food bowl. I did not lose my appetite!

bella strawberry pie 001

And stay inside, I think not. Mr. C and Mrs. S seemed to lose their patience with  me the next first few days. I wasn’t tired with all this resting stuff I was supposed to do.  So every night starting around 2:00 AM I’d wake them up. I wanted to go out to either check on wildlife, pee, poop, or just sit in the grass tethered up to stare out into the night sky and woods. One morning around 5:00 AM Mrs. S accidentally locked us outside. We had a hard time waking Mr. C up to open the door. Mrs. S blames me.

It’s been 6 days now and I am counting the hours and minutes until Wednesday when I can be off leash and back to all my normal stuff. I think Mr. C and Mrs. S are also counting. It’s hard to do much exploring when I have to stay leashed and on the road.

Check this photo out. It’s my latest woodland find from a presurgery day. 

joannestrawberrysalad 011

Love, Bella