First Ride of the Season


jenn'shouse-poet 027

I needed to be up front keeping a close eye on Mr. C ‘s driving. I wanted to make sure he wouldn’t miss the turn to Sadie’s house. I’ve been waiting what seemed like forever to pick up our boat. I didn’t care if it was cold and windy, I just wanted a boat ride.

But, instead of a ride, I had to sit out part of the afternoon behind bars with Sadie.

jenn'shouse-poet 012

Seems Mr. C was busy helping Sadie’s owner put in a tree. Guess they thought we’d be in the way. But you’d think they would have asked for my help. After all I’m really good at digging holes. In fact, I just finished redigging my hole for the season now that it’s stopped raining.

late summer and seasonal plate 126

Sadie and I were bored watching all the action wishing we were out instead of in. I think Sadie got tired of my boat stories, and hearing about the milkbone treat I get each time we take  a ride. Sadie never gets milkbone treats on her boat rides. But I was patient listening to her duck boat and hunting stories. Sadie has also been banned from fishing trips for her behavior just like me. Seems our owners think we make way too much noise barking at birds and scaring the fish away.

When we got to the boat launch I was FIRST on board.

jenn'shouse-poet 028

But Mr. C did not seem to be in top form as he forgot my usual milkbone treat. I guess after six months of no boating, he forgot the important stuff.

Our ride back home was really windy. My ears flapped in the breeze. But I only barked once at two loons. They  dove quickly under the water to escape me. But really, I was just letting them know Bella was back. We did not see any other boats on the lake. Maybe they are all waiting for a warmer spring day.

Love, Bella

P.S. I’ve had trouble sleeping lately as I’m worried about all this surgery stuff on Wed. And then I heard talk of no breakfast, my favorite meal. Doesn’t seem fair.