UP North Update Part One and Part Two

Part One:The Good, The Bad  and The Ugly

The good news


check out this 78.8 pounds on the scale. I guess all those 4 walks a day Mrs. S took me on for 12 weeks really paid off. I went from what Dr. Steve had written on my Sept 2015 check up chart good health but overweight at 85.9 to April 2016 excellent health 78.8. I even heard him say I was now in the average range.


I’ll bet Mrs. S wished those 4 walks did her that much good as all she seemed to be was tired .

Then Dr. Steve got down on the floor with me.  He wanted to look me over real good.


Now for the bad news

He didn’t like the big bulge on my back leg. I wasn’t worried couldn’t see it, didn’t hurt and hasn’t slowed me down one bit.

So Dr. Steve did some tests and now the news got ugly.

He recommended that my benign tumor be removed. I really didn’t think Mr. C or Mrs. S would buy into especially when I heard how much this operation would cost.  As a matter of fact they took it pretty well. I really didn’t understand any of it. I just wanted to get out of the room. I hated all the needle pricks.

So in a couple of weeks I go back to him. What I didn’t like hearing is they expect me to miss my breakfast just to have surgery. Doesn’t seem fair.

Part Two: Off leash (loving every minute of it)

Let the trading begin. Yesterday I carried this home and Mr. C certainly got bent out of shape. He ran into the house for a piece of turkey which was to my liking. I gave up the deer bone without a fight.

deer bone 001

Today Mr. C and Mrs. S were taking way too long talking to our neighbor. I was bored. I wandered off and splashed though the swamp near their house. Then I could smell something in the garage and went to investigate. I found some meat grease in a can so I helped myself to a lick or two. I got my first swim of the season when Mr.C dragged me to the water. He said I needed a bath.

The sun finally came out today. I was able to spend the rest of the afternoon guarding the yard from the porch. Mr. C and Mrs. S are getting annoyed with me lately. They think I want to go in and out of the house all day long to check up on strange noise in the yard and out in the woods. If only they’d get me a doggie door.

Love, Bella

bread rolls 032