An Unexpected Encounter

Just when I was settling in they’ve switched locations again on me. I hope they stop moving me around soon. Since I’ve shed so much of my fur coat I am really cold. Can you guess where I am? Here’s a clue.

Mike maple syrup 008

As you can see the ice is all gone and yesterday I saw something I remember called snow. Guess no boat rides for a while.

I am tired after barking for two days. Since I haven’t been around to guard and keep some order in the yard it’s overrun with deer, squirrels and chipmunks. I’ve been keeping Mr. C and Mrs. S busy letting me out as I need to make frequent yard checks. Today I treed several chipmunks and one squirrel. It was a stand-off and I didn’t catch a thing.

Our walk this afternoon got exciting with a new creature spotted on the road. We had just checked up on our neighbor Mike who was busy keeping a fire going. He is making maple syrup from 179 trees.

.Mike maple syrup 010

Mr. C was pretty happy to get a big jar of maple syrup

Mike maple syrup 019

and Mrs. S is already thinking of food stuff to make with the syrup. But on our way back I saw this creature in the road. Mr. C then shouts at me to come quickly and grabbed my collar. I wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about. When I heard what this scary black thing was and what it can do chills went down my spine. Mrs. S had a hard time getting a quick picture as she was holding the jar of syrup while trying to keep the camera still.

Mike maple syrup 033

We passed by this scary black, stinky thing that headed into the woods as we all moved quickly home.

Mike maple syrup 035

We had walked many miles today checking things out and I was tired. I gobbled up my dinner quick and fell fast asleep.

Mike maple syrup 036

I still dream about javelinas and snakes but now I have a new worry called skunks.

Love, Bella