Homeward Bound

I thought the day would never come when I’d hear “Bella, its time to leave”. When I saw how packed the van was I now understood why Mr. C seemed so crabby. But my biggest worry was where I was going to ride.

Green Valley trip 2016 1105

I was relieved they did save me the whole back seat.

Green Valley trip 2016 1106

I didn’t spend all my time napping on the very long ride. I found it necessary to keep checking on Mr. C and Mrs. S’s driving. I wanted to make sure they stayed on course and did not take any side trips back.

winter vacation 2015 1760

I did learn to pee on command so I’d get a treat as we found out rest stops seemed to be far and few along our route.

The second night we stopped at a hotel I had been to when we started the trip. I had hoped for the same room number 113. I even stopped to check but found out room number 121 had this on the door waiting for us. winter vacation 2015 461

I tried my best being good riding in the van for three very longgggg days but after a while even looking out the window got boring and I wasn’t really tired to nap much. By the time we got close to home it was getting a little dark but Mr. C had a really good surprise for me. Instead of going home first we stopped at my favorite dog park. I didn’t care there weren’t any dogs to play with I could finally run free.

Happiness is being home, rolling in the grass and

Green Valley trip 2016 1107

taking a nap in my favorite bed.

salmon 001

Love, Bella