This Is What I Heard


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One of my favorite morning activities is hanging out on the patio before the sun gets too hot. I  can nap or keep an eye on the desert critters from a safe distance. I really wished I could catch one of those darn birds that do fly bys above the wall but they are just too quick for me. Listening to the news recent stories of rattlesnakes on the prowl have sent shivers down my spine. I was happy Mr. C did NOT sign me up for what local residents call a needed class for dogs on Rattlesnake Avoidance/Proofing  Training  offered by Southwest Snake Avoidance Experts. I didn’t care if it’s advertised The Best in the Southwest! and  Veterinarian Recommended. 

When Mrs. S read me the description below I began to pant and shake.  Just the fear of going to this training class makes my hair stand straight up.

Southwest Snake Avoidance Experts uses a unique approach to train your dog to avoid rattlesnakes, and even to avoid the potential danger of Colorado River toads. These toads (Bufo alvarius) are now commonly referred to as Sonoran Desert Toads. We focus on what we call “SSSS.” Safety, sight, sound and smell. Of course, safety always comes first, especially when venomous reptiles are involved. Snakes used in our avoidance classes are not capable of biting a dog or person. Each snake is fitted with a muzzle, ensuring the utmost in safety for your dog and anyone in the training area.  As we know, dogs instinctively react to sight, sound and smell, and can also be conditioned or trained to react in a positive manner to such senses. That is where we come in!

I was happy to hear Mr.C was not going to spend $85.00 on this training class. But the best part was when I heard we were leaving, heading back to Minnesota where I’d be safe from javelinas, rattlesnakes and coyotes. Right now even a bear doesn’t sound bad compared  to these dangerous desert critters.

I’ve been wearing my summer fur coat for some time so I suppose I will be cold. Minnesota springs are not anything like Arizona springs. And then I’m wondering if my friends will remember me after such a long time.  I never got one piece of mail while I was here. Lucky for me Mr.C and Mrs. S’s friends have remembered me with a treat or two. Of course my favorites are the milk bones and raw hide bones.

I have gotten a lot of attention here. People stop Mrs. S all the time when we are out walking to tell her what a pretty dog I am and petting me. Everyone is real nice. And they don’t even know my survival story of being lost in the desert for four hours. They’d be impressed with my bravery.

Love, Bella