A Memorable Playdate

It’s not often I get a playdate invite along with Mr. C and Mrs. S. I did not have to be asked twice to get into the van. Mr. C and Mrs. S wanted to experience a mountain sunset viewing from a neighbor’s backyard and I went along to play with Lucy.

bella playdate 044

bella playdate 029

But in all the excitement of arriving I did forgot my manners. I proceeded to finish off all Lucy’s dinner.

bella playdate 030.JPG

And if that wasn’t enough being Miss Piggy ( that’s what Mrs. S called me) I found Lucy’s bone and started in on that.

bella playdate 045

While Mr. C and Mrs. S were enjoying this view

bella playdate 018

I decided to take a look myself.

bella playdate 038.JPG

When all of a sudden Mrs. S looked to her right in the yard next door and shouted “Get Bella in the house!”

bella playdate 019

Not two but a whole herd of javelinas (6) were heading our way. Lucky for us there was a wall.

Since I was sent inside I missed all the excitement watching them nibble on Yucca blossoms.

bella playdate 035

I tried to be on best behavior the rest of the evening so I’d get invited back.  But I did think Lucy was a  bit naughty too. Mrs.  S set her purse on the floor which was unzipped.

bella purse 085

Lucy managed to get into the purse. She helped herself to one of the dog biscuits Mrs. S had brought along for us.

bella playdate 039.JPG

In spite of all the extra treats  we ate Lucy’s owner thought we were still sweet. She even went into her stash for gourmet cheeky chips.cheek chips

Clearly Mrs. S needs to place an Amazon order for these. Really, really good.

Love, Bella

P.S. Check back tomorrow for a people treat recipe from Lucy’ s owner.

bella playdate 033