Seems like I’ve been gone forever from home. It’s been over two months and I’m wondering if any of my friends will even remember me. Then today I looked in the mirror and noticed more white hairs around my nose. I feel old.

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And Mr. C is not much of a day brightener when he goes on and on about all the fur I’ve shed everywhere. He thinks there’s enough in the house to practically knit a sweater. I do think he exaggerates. But it’s cooler for me with a lot of my fur coat gone. Afternoons can be really warm so I stay inside until it cools off. Besides my paws hurt walking on blistering hot sidewalks.

I’m a little worried about Mrs S. She has had a few problems on some of our walks lately. And it’s not even been my fault. One day we were on our usual afternoon walk when this wasp attacked her and she got stung several times. Mrs. S screamed and even though she was in a lot of pain, she still held on to my leash so I did not get lost. Another day we were hurrying along on our walk, she tripped on the sidewalk, fell and skinned her arm.Even though she was in a lot of pain, she still held onto my leash so I did not get lost. Lucky for Mrs. S  that Mr. C is back to walking me  a few times day. I think she needs a break.

I am beginning to wonder when we are going to leave since I see no signs of packing. In fact I am hearing about more people coming to visit. I hope whoever is coming at least remembers me with a treat.

One good thing, I’m having fewer and fewer nightmares about javelinas and coyotes chasing me. Mostly I’ve  been dreaming about food and trying to catch the rabbit I saw running in the arroyo.

Love, Bella