It’s Not My Fault

It’s all Mrs. S’s fault I have gone missing. No I wasn’t lost this time in the desert but from blogging. I needed her help on writing and she’s been too busy going on five field trips with her company. Yes, I said five and I wasn’t invited on even one. Lucky Mr.C and Mrs. S  did take me to Tombstone right before the company came. Mrs. S thought Mr.C should get out of the house more now that he was using just a cane.

tombstone seasonal plate 009

I couldn’t wait to get started. Mrs. S told me about the bitter fight between the Earps and Clantons and the big shoot out at OK corral. I was really disappointed there wasn’t a big show to see in the street.

tombstone seasonal plate 017

Now you have to go inside a building to see where this big fight took place. I was not allowed inside.

But there was lots to look at.

tombstone seasonal plate 019

tombstone seasonal plate 006

tombstone seasonal plate 014

I thought a ride on the stagecoach might be fun but we found out dogs weren’t allowed to ride even though Mrs. S said I’d be very good.  Something about I might scare the horses. But I was thinking they were bigger than me and I was scared of them.

Mr.C found a really nice dog friendly spot to eat.

tombstone seasonal plate 025

They were ready for me with a big bowl of cold water and a milkbone. I was thirsty and made a mess.

tombstone seasonal plate 024

After lunch we found a mine tour to go on that was dog friendly. It was cooler underground but I thought it was too scary and awfully dark.

tombstone seasonal plate 026

On our way out-of-town we went to the famous Boot Hill. I did not get why it was such a big deal.

tombstone seasonal plate 039

Mr.C and I went to the gift shop and looked around while Mr. S took a lot of pictures. She said you’d know what they were all about. I didn’t understand who was killed and why. You’d think they all could get along.

tombstone seasonal plate 030

tombstone seasonal plate 032

tombstone seasonal plate 034

The ride back put me to sleep. There was not much to look at.

tombstone seasonal plate 003

I was happy to be back to the house playing with my ball. If you roll it just right a kibble or two comes out.

bella ball 011

For the time being a trip to Anamax Bark Park is all I need.

Love, Bella

P.S. Good News-Mr.C does not need a cane anymore. I’m hoping he can start taking me on walks now.