Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice!

Mr. C has graduated. No I don’t mean from a school but he has gone from crutches to a cane.  I remain hopeful he will be able to go back to taking me on walks real soon. He is practicing every day by walking a few blocks with me and Mrs. S.

Today at the dog park Mrs. S got knocked over by a big dog who wanted my ball. She didn’t see him charging for the ball that she was going to throw for me. She is fine but then I got to thinking. What if something happened to Mrs. S who would take me out for my walks?

I have to give some credit to Mrs. S who has been trying to think up fun stuff for us to do. Sunday we went to the Saguaro National Park. It was a real safe trip for me as Mrs S drove the nine mile loop through the desert. We saw these enormous cacti from inside the van. I liked the idea we were safe from any of those scary desert critters.


I thought these cacti were funny looking with all their arms.


Tucson and Santa Fe 720

Tucson and Santa Fe 724

Mrs. S was busy yakking about all the things she thought we should know about cacti. It did surprise me that some cacti can live 15-300 years, be as tall as 66 feet and weigh up to 4, 800 lbs. if full of water.

I must have been good on this field trip as I overheard Mr. C and Mrs. S talking about going on another trip and taking me. The place has a funny name called Tombstone. Do you think it means a lot of dead people are buried there in tombs?

Love, Bella