Under New Management

Life has improved a bit since you last checked in with me. Mrs. S has tried to be more creative finding things for us to do besides walk around the neighborhood.

desert meadows park 2

Desert Meadows Park has a long, long trail. In fact we heard  that you can walk all the way to Mexico if you wanted to. We do not and its not because we didn’t have enough water. The sniffing was good and I tried my best to stay on the path rather than pulling Mrs. S off in another direction. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way with prickly burrs and cactus thorns stuck in my paws. I thought it strange so many people would sit on chairs or benches painting when there is so much to explore at this park.

green valley and bark park 050

You never know what you’ll see like the coyote who crossed our path that day. I got real excited barking to alert Mrs. S who was hanging on to my leash real tight. She didn’t even try to get a picture and we headed back to the van. I might add QUICKLY!

Today we thought Mr. C needed to get out of the house. It was a nice sunny day and Mrs. S found a doggie park called Anamax Bark Park. Look at the long list of rules.

green valley and bark park 062

We picked the perfect time to check out the park. Here are some action shots.

green valley and bark park 057

Lucky for me I found another doggie who liked to chase balls too.

green valley and bark park 055

Mrs. S wants you to know Mr. C is getting better but still needs crutches.

green valley and bark park 065

Lucky Mr. C wasn’t with us later in the day. Eight javelinas crossed the street ahead of us so we had to change course and head a different way. Its more adventure here than I expected.

Love, Bella