Alive and Still in Arizona

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And what could be better-well if only Mr.C  felt better. He’s still on crutches and can’t do much. There’s a fancy rather chic name for what he has called hip pointer.  But trust me you don’t want it. It can last a long time and is quite painful.

I don’t sleep well at night since the javelina invasion and being lost in the desert for four hours. I have these nightmares that the coyotes and javelinas are coming to get me and I hear Mrs. S calling my name over and over but she can’t find me. So then I get up go round and round in a circle around my bed trying to find a comfy position. Often I hear strange noises outside  so I get up, check the patio door and look out the windows. I’m sure those javelinas are out there somewhere just waiting for me. I am so relieved when daylight finally comes.

Being under new management is not that much fun. Mr.C walks were more interesting. We’d go on the dry river beds but Mrs. S will only stay on the sidewalk. Four to five walks a day seem to exhaust her. She thinks I have a lot of energy. Maybe she needs more sleep. Today she had this boring idea we’d walk around the neighborhood and take pictures. I did my best to be well behaved but she did seem to struggle keeping her hand steady, take a picture and still hang on to me. But I think she did okay. Here’s what we saw.

Love, Bella







Orange tree in a courtyard



Red chili peppers are popular on doors, walls, fences and so are  roadrunners.