A 1,700 Mile Tale

This year’s trip out west was an upgrade-a car to a van.  I had loads of seat space IMG_0794but I failed to use it much. Instead I rested my butt on the back seat so I could keep a close eye on Mr. C and Mrs. S’s driving. I didn’t want them to get lost.  When I got tired I just rested my head on their shoulder or arm.


Once in awhile I’d take short naps or look out the window. IMG_0798

But all was boring until we stopped at my favorite hotel. They were ready for us. IMG_0795

And Mr. C even remembered a milk bone treat for me. He keeps telling me what a good car rider I am because I never whine about very long hours spent in the van. Really I am just happy not to be left behind. The last day in the van the weather was really stormy. Lots of rain and it was hard for me to see anything out the window. When we got to our new place I thought maybe we were back in Minnesota because the man on TV said there a was a winter storm alert.

My worst fears came true last night. Mr. C and I were out for an evening walk. Just as we got close to the house we saw not one, not two but six javelinas ripping open bags of garbage left out for garbage pick up. You’d think the people would put their  garbage in a can. We hurried by but all six were too busy eating to notice us. Mrs. S told me javelinas are rodents not pigs that go out in the night looking for food. Now I am afraid to go out when its dark. I’m worried maybe they might attack me for food. They are almost my size and very scary looking.

Today I  got real excited when Mrs. S told me they found a really big dog park nearby for me to run around but when we got there it was locked up. The sign said something about too much rain and too muddy. Don’t they know dogs don’t worry about stuff like that? I hear more rain is coming so not looking too good to get inside the park. They mean business with a big padlock on the gate. I was disappointed!


This where I had hoped to play.



Wonder what this is? Everyone has one in their yard. Mrs S thought it looked like a toilet seat in the rocks. The lid can be pulled up


and its where people used to put their garbage in for pick up. Now people have to keep a rock on the lid if they want to put in garbage. But trust me these javelinas are real smart.  Mr. C watched them opening one looking for garbage tonight when we heard noises.  And the scariest part is they were right next door.

I will keep you posted on any new developments.

Love, Bella