Looking Back At Some Favorite Moments

I thought if Mrs. S can look back and give you her top favorite recipes of 2015 http://sockfairies.blogspot.com/2015/12/weekend-round-up_26.html perhaps you’d like to know my top

favorite moments of 2015…

Remember when Sadie I fought over her bed, the blue rug and I won?



And then there was the time I took a very long car trip to AZ and napped a lot


but managed to get my picture next to a Saguaro cactus to send home to my friends so they’d know we arrived safely.


How about the time Mr. C and climbed the rocks to a very high point in the mountains. The view was great though a bit scary but the ride down was even scarier with Mr. C’s driving.


Let’s not forgot all the meals I had out with free water bowl refills and a milk bone or two and


also I didn’t forget all times Mr.C and Mrs. S’s guests came to visit and brought me treats.


And then there was the lake. My favorite place to be with boat rides


more company


my special hole out front to watch for intruders in yard and protect Mrs. S’s flowers

IMG_9605 (2)

and getting mail.

IMG_9607 (2)

Remember Mrs. S and her boot camp for me to lose weight and fit into my orange neoprene vest?


Now its time to escape the cold despite the fact I just grew a new fur coat and head out west.


Wish me well and I”ll keep you posted on new adventures. Just hope Mr. C and I don’t run into a herd of javelinas again. That was just too scary!.

Love, Bella