Things Are Looking Up

Mrs. S is really trying hard to be Mr.C for me. Today she surprised me with a new toy, a chuckit. She thought Bark Park would be more fun if we had something to do.

lemons and bark park 014

Mr. C worked hard to make me understand “Fetch” Sometimes I just didn’t get it and went the wrong way.

lemons and bark park 008

But after awhile I caught on and became a fetching pro.

lemons and bark park 011

Next up Mrs. S planned a trip to Madera Canyon in Santa Rita Mountains. They wanted to check out hiking trails so when Mr. C can walk better we can all go hiking. We went high up the mountain.

santaRita mountains 006

santaRita mountains 002

santaRita mountains 001

I can tell you it was a rather scary, fast ride when we went down especially with Mrs. S driving. I had to dig my paws into the seat so I wouldn’t fall off.

When we got back I had worked up an appetite and needed a nap. But I was careful not to lose my new ball and took it to bed.

bella ball 006

Love, Bella



Under New Management

Life has improved a bit since you last checked in with me. Mrs. S has tried to be more creative finding things for us to do besides walk around the neighborhood.

desert meadows park 2

Desert Meadows Park has a long, long trail. In fact we heard  that you can walk all the way to Mexico if you wanted to. We do not and its not because we didn’t have enough water. The sniffing was good and I tried my best to stay on the path rather than pulling Mrs. S off in another direction. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way with prickly burrs and cactus thorns stuck in my paws. I thought it strange so many people would sit on chairs or benches painting when there is so much to explore at this park.

green valley and bark park 050

You never know what you’ll see like the coyote who crossed our path that day. I got real excited barking to alert Mrs. S who was hanging on to my leash real tight. She didn’t even try to get a picture and we headed back to the van. I might add QUICKLY!

Today we thought Mr. C needed to get out of the house. It was a nice sunny day and Mrs. S found a doggie park called Anamax Bark Park. Look at the long list of rules.

green valley and bark park 062

We picked the perfect time to check out the park. Here are some action shots.

green valley and bark park 057

Lucky for me I found another doggie who liked to chase balls too.

green valley and bark park 055

Mrs. S wants you to know Mr. C is getting better but still needs crutches.

green valley and bark park 065

Lucky Mr. C wasn’t with us later in the day. Eight javelinas crossed the street ahead of us so we had to change course and head a different way. Its more adventure here than I expected.

Love, Bella


Alive and Still in Arizona

bella wed blog

And what could be better-well if only Mr.C  felt better. He’s still on crutches and can’t do much. There’s a fancy rather chic name for what he has called hip pointer.  But trust me you don’t want it. It can last a long time and is quite painful.

I don’t sleep well at night since the javelina invasion and being lost in the desert for four hours. I have these nightmares that the coyotes and javelinas are coming to get me and I hear Mrs. S calling my name over and over but she can’t find me. So then I get up go round and round in a circle around my bed trying to find a comfy position. Often I hear strange noises outside  so I get up, check the patio door and look out the windows. I’m sure those javelinas are out there somewhere just waiting for me. I am so relieved when daylight finally comes.

Being under new management is not that much fun. Mr.C walks were more interesting. We’d go on the dry river beds but Mrs. S will only stay on the sidewalk. Four to five walks a day seem to exhaust her. She thinks I have a lot of energy. Maybe she needs more sleep. Today she had this boring idea we’d walk around the neighborhood and take pictures. I did my best to be well behaved but she did seem to struggle keeping her hand steady, take a picture and still hang on to me. But I think she did okay. Here’s what we saw.

Love, Bella







Orange tree in a courtyard



Red chili peppers are popular on doors, walls, fences and so are  roadrunners.



A 1,700 Mile Tale

This year’s trip out west was an upgrade-a car to a van.  I had loads of seat space IMG_0794but I failed to use it much. Instead I rested my butt on the back seat so I could keep a close eye on Mr. C and Mrs. S’s driving. I didn’t want them to get lost.  When I got tired I just rested my head on their shoulder or arm.


Once in awhile I’d take short naps or look out the window. IMG_0798

But all was boring until we stopped at my favorite hotel. They were ready for us. IMG_0795

And Mr. C even remembered a milk bone treat for me. He keeps telling me what a good car rider I am because I never whine about very long hours spent in the van. Really I am just happy not to be left behind. The last day in the van the weather was really stormy. Lots of rain and it was hard for me to see anything out the window. When we got to our new place I thought maybe we were back in Minnesota because the man on TV said there a was a winter storm alert.

My worst fears came true last night. Mr. C and I were out for an evening walk. Just as we got close to the house we saw not one, not two but six javelinas ripping open bags of garbage left out for garbage pick up. You’d think the people would put their  garbage in a can. We hurried by but all six were too busy eating to notice us. Mrs. S told me javelinas are rodents not pigs that go out in the night looking for food. Now I am afraid to go out when its dark. I’m worried maybe they might attack me for food. They are almost my size and very scary looking.

Today I  got real excited when Mrs. S told me they found a really big dog park nearby for me to run around but when we got there it was locked up. The sign said something about too much rain and too muddy. Don’t they know dogs don’t worry about stuff like that? I hear more rain is coming so not looking too good to get inside the park. They mean business with a big padlock on the gate. I was disappointed!


This where I had hoped to play.



Wonder what this is? Everyone has one in their yard. Mrs S thought it looked like a toilet seat in the rocks. The lid can be pulled up


and its where people used to put their garbage in for pick up. Now people have to keep a rock on the lid if they want to put in garbage. But trust me these javelinas are real smart.  Mr. C watched them opening one looking for garbage tonight when we heard noises.  And the scariest part is they were right next door.

I will keep you posted on any new developments.

Love, Bella



Looking Back At Some Favorite Moments

I thought if Mrs. S can look back and give you her top favorite recipes of 2015 perhaps you’d like to know my top

favorite moments of 2015…

Remember when Sadie I fought over her bed, the blue rug and I won?



And then there was the time I took a very long car trip to AZ and napped a lot


but managed to get my picture next to a Saguaro cactus to send home to my friends so they’d know we arrived safely.


How about the time Mr. C and climbed the rocks to a very high point in the mountains. The view was great though a bit scary but the ride down was even scarier with Mr. C’s driving.


Let’s not forgot all the meals I had out with free water bowl refills and a milk bone or two and


also I didn’t forget all times Mr.C and Mrs. S’s guests came to visit and brought me treats.


And then there was the lake. My favorite place to be with boat rides


more company


my special hole out front to watch for intruders in yard and protect Mrs. S’s flowers

IMG_9605 (2)

and getting mail.

IMG_9607 (2)

Remember Mrs. S and her boot camp for me to lose weight and fit into my orange neoprene vest?


Now its time to escape the cold despite the fact I just grew a new fur coat and head out west.


Wish me well and I”ll keep you posted on new adventures. Just hope Mr. C and I don’t run into a herd of javelinas again. That was just too scary!.

Love, Bella