A Christmas to Remember

Where to begin…

I spent the early part of Christmas Eve checking on NORAD and wondering when Santa was making a stop. I did tweet a few times but then the doorbell rang I forgot all about Santa when I saw Sadie’s festive outfit. I wished I had thought to dress up.

christmas 005

Even the back of her Santa suit looked real nice.

christmas 006

We played around for a few hours and then she had to go. Pretty soon Mr. C and Mrs. S left and the house got real quiet. I went online checked on Santa’s route. It looked like a long time before a Minnesota stop since he just passed over Moscow. I checked the table to make sure Mrs. S didn’t forget to put out cookies and milk for Santa. They were still there.  I didn’t want to miss him so I decided to wait under the table. I thought when he came down the chimney I’d be able to see him for sure or when he came to the table for his cookies and milk. But I got so tired from all the excitement of the day I fell fast asleep.

I was having some good dreams when the sound of jingle bells woke me up. I quickly moved out from under the table just in time to see a bit of red disappear up the chimney. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I spied this bag with a tag that said TO BELLA


and an orthopedic memory foam bed. Gosh, Santa must have gotten my list. When Mr. C and Mrs. S returned home this is where they found me.  You can see I really LOVE, LOVE my new bed. It’s quite comfy. Even though I didn’t get a camouflage back pack this bag is just as good. It’s large enough to hold all my stuff and perfect for my trip.

angel stone 006

Love, Bella

dog christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS and I hope Santa was good to you.