#3 Woodland Find of the Season

dinner party lake 055

In case you’re counting this is really my third snow treasure of the season. First came my big victory catching a squirrel followed finding a deer leg bone.  Much of my walk time is spent investigating, sniffing and digging near the road and into the woods. This skull may be my biggest find ever.

dinner party lake 065

I did have to wrestle this monstrous piece a bit as it was frozen to the ground. I wasn’t sure how to hold something so large in my mouth. When my jaw finally clenched the skull I was not about to give it up to Mrs. S no matter how many times I heard “Bella, Drop it! Drop it!” .

But when Mrs. S’s friend who was walking with us offered me not one but two milkbones I had a weak moment. I did not fight her too hard for the skull. Besides my jaw was beginning to hurt from carrying it so long. In the end Mrs. S carried it home to show Mr.C who was most impressed with my find.

It’s been cold lately. I’m lucky to have grown a nice thick fur coat to keep me warm for these kinds of days. But today I received some unexpected news. I won’t be needing a thick fur coat after all. I’m going on a road trip and heading out west again to AZ in just nine more days. I know its warmer there. At first with the news I was a bit worried about Christmas and missing Santa. But Mrs. S assured me he’ll find me on his Minnesota stop. I keep checking on my stocking that has been hung but so far nothing.

I’ve been working hard at being good. I requested only TWO gifts on my list this year. If you remember they were a camouflage backpack and an orthopedic foam memory bed just like the ones Sadie has.

I’ve been a big help to Mrs. S lately with her holiday baking keeping the floor clean of crumbs. She doesn’t even need to sweep afterwards. And I’ve kept Mr.C company through all those boring football games he watches all the time.  But sometimes I shut my eyes when I know it’s the last couple seconds of the game in case his favorite team loses and he yells. And Mr. C and Mrs. S always tell me what a good car rider I am.

Mrs. S has been busy packing. She even remembered my favorite Texas outfit. So now I know it’s all true.

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Merry Christmas

Love, Bella

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