Snow Treasure

Hey, it’s a winter wonderland and I get a snow day at the lake! IMG_0482

Here’s an action shot Mrs. S was able to get. My ears were flapping in the wind. I was in hot pursuit of a squirrel. IMG_0483 (2)

Mr. C and Mrs. S  slogged through the wet and heavy snow to the mailbox. But not me. I have 4 Paw Drive. I just bounded through the snow keeping busy exploring, sniffing and digging. It all paid off. I scored big. And I was off running with my snow treasure. Of course Mrs. S was none too pleased yelling at me “Drop it!” “Drop it.” I paid no attention to her. I was on to her trades.  I was not parting with this snow treasure even for a very large piece of turkey she was waving in front of me. But Mrs. S persistence wore me down chasing me around the house and garage. It was past my dinner time and gosh the turkey was beginning to look good. Finally I dropped it much to Mrs. S’s satisfaction. I really can’t understand why she gets so excited over things I find. I thought this deer leg was the perfect snack to gnaw on.


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