A Jump Start

Days and days of rain forced me inside with not a lot to do.  It got real boring just looking out the window wondering if and when the rain would stop. And when I did get to the dog park in between all the rain no one was there to play with me. I had to make do with splashing through the puddles, digging in the dirt and exploring the nearby woods.   Mrs S keeps telling me there are too many nose prints on the windows. One really boring afternoon she suggested getting a jump-start on Christmas by writing out my Santa list.

Since I really only wanted  two things that didn’t take me long. At the top of the list was an  Orthopedic Super Memory Foam Pet Bed- size large. I don’t care about the color.  Mrs. S thought it would be good to cut out a picture just to make sure Santa knew what I wanted.

foam bed

The other thing on my list was a fully loaded camouflage backpack like the one Sadie has. I’m not too hopeful on that one since it was on my list last year. But good to have just in case Mr. C and Mrs. S decide on a trip out west again. I want to be ready with a real nice bag for all my stuff.

camo backpack

Mrs. S and I took a car ride to the post office. Out in front was a special mailbox just for Santa letters.

I also mailed a package to Chunk in another nearby box. He’s always sending me stuff all the time. I put in some treats I thought he’d like.

dog mail box 2

Mr. C retired his orange coat yesterday and drove down to the city. I was real happy to see him. My coat has not been brushed for days nor my teeth. And did I mention he likes the dog park more than Mrs. S ?

Love, Bella

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