Check out this goodie basket. All Mrs. S had to do was place a bid on this pet package. When she showed me the picture  I practically drooled thinking about owning it. Have you ever seen such a large rawhide bone? And then there were toys, treats, dental stuff all packed into a heated pet bowl. Just think if I had a bowl like this there’d be no more frozen water in my bowl when I get back from my walk. Yep, all she had to do was place a bid.  But no she came home empty-handed from the auction. I heard something about not going over $40.00. Guess she thought it was too much to pay. But I do think I’m worth it.

Today Mrs. S and I officially retired our orange stuff and headed south to the cities. And none too soon for me as we drove out to the main road and passed by a hunter. He was  walking along the road with his rifle heading into the woods. I was happy to be in the car and laid low so he couldn’t see me.  But Wally isn’t as lucky as me to leave. He still has 7 more days left to survive the deer season. I loaned him my extra vest. Hope he makes it safely through the week. And we did leave Mr. C behind. I hope he hasn’t retired his orange coat yet.

soup and bars 053

I’m happy to report I survived deer season once again. I think now Mrs. S will let up a bit on all his boot camp stuff. Perhaps my food bowl will be filled up back to normal. I can only hope. I’m excited to be back at the dog park, running around  and seeing my friends.

Love, Bella

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