Meet Sadie. She belongs to Mr. C and Mrs. S’s daughter and husband. Note her fully loaded camouflaged backpack. I only wish it were mine. She makes regular visits to see us. Here’s what you need to know about her. She is well-behaved almost as good as me. Sadie is high energy and often I have trouble keeping up with her. She has been to birding school three different years in a row. Sadie was such a rock star at birding school they even put her on their Facebook page.

While I have been in the survival mode dodging bullets these past few days Sadie had a much funner weekend than me. I was quite jealous though Mrs. S keeps reminding me how many trips I have been on.

lake Oct 104

20151107_155218 - Sadie getting ready to depart Pierre

Here’s the pictures we got of Sadie’s airplane trip. She’s waiting on the runway to board a private jet to Pierre, SD for a pheasant hunting trip. I did hear she got a bit wild when she first got on the plane. She rushed for the cockpit, jumped in the pilot’s chair before he could even take his seat. After the flying rules were explained Sadie had to take her own seat.

20151105_173341 - Sadie making herself at home on the Citation 7 (1)

The flight was only 50 minutes so no snacks were served. When Sadie got to the hotel she and her owner found out all the dog friendly rooms were taken. But the good news was the hotel people remembered Sadie. She has been going to the same hotel for last 5 years. They knew she had been the perfect guest so Sadie got to stay in a regular room. She sure is lucky to get such special treatment.

Sadie was a favorite among the hunters. They all thought she was good at pointing and retrieving. In two days they all got their pheasant limits-whatever that means. Sadie must have done a lot of running in two days. I imagine she took a lot of naps after that. Sadie was patient waiting for her ride home when this picture was taken.

20151105_184808 - Sadie on the ground in Pierre - she is already looking for the pheasants

There were more pictures but I told Mrs. S I had had enough. I already knew I missed out on a lot of fun. But I’m happy to have safely made it through three days of the deer opener. Today I did not hear one gunshot. I did see four deer in my yard who are lucky to have made it this far. Maybe all the hunters went home.

Love, Bella

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