Deer Diary-Day Two

Well night has come and in case you were worried I did make it safely through day two of deer opener. But there were a few issues in the morning. I quickly did my business outside, ate my breakfast in a hurry and went back to bed. I was hoping Mr.C would forget my morning walk. But he did not. As soon as Mr.C brought out my orange neoprene vest I ran from him. I tried to hide under the desk but Mr.C found me. I was forced to put it on. We had a very short walk since we could hear a gunshot go off in the woods. When we returned Mrs. S  had a new plan which I liked. In the afternoon we went into town and walked along the bike trail. We didn’t hear one gunshot.  Mrs. S found my old orange vest to wear. I was happy spending the rest of the day outside even if I had to be tethered.

autumn food bella 041

Remember Sadie?autumn food bella 094

She’s the one who comes to visit and is fully loaded with lots of stuff I want-like her orthopedic foam bed and camouflage back pack.  Today I was even more envious when I heard about her hunting trip. She went on a private jet. Then Mrs. S reminded me that I have been to the ocean and the desert and Sadie has not. When we saw her pictures Mrs. S thought I should let her be a guest blogger. Check back soon to hear about Sadie’s SD adventures.

Love, Bella

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