Deer Diary

Day One Deer Opener

I tried running away. I hoped Mr. C  wasn’t really going to make me wear this orange neoprene vest. But he tracked me down. I am can hardly breathe-it’s such a tight fit. And really, orange is not my best color.

Deer opener 029

Mr. C assured me orange is the perfect color for today if I wanted to take our morning walk.

Deer opener 030

We stuck to the road and I decided it was best not to run off exploring the woods. We managed to make it back safely. I was happy we didn’t hear one gunshot and I lived to write this blog.

But the afternoon walk was another story. Mrs. S joined us and we all were decked out in orange.We were only 10 minutes into the walk when the first shot went off. We kept on but at a slower pace. When the second and third shots were fired that was it. We all headed back. I had had enough. The safest place for me was inside. I still have many more days left to be stuffed into this orange vest and many more days of worry that I might be ambushed by some crazy deer hunter. I’ll keep you informed of any new developments. Wish me luck.

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Love, Bella

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