Saved by the Rain

Life in the Big City: A steady drizzle of rain on Halloween prevented me from going to the dog park parade. It was scheduled for 1:00. I breathed a silent prayer of thanks when Mrs. S announced she didn’t want to be outside. I was saved by the rain from wearing an embarrassing outfit with fairy wings, a really tight headband and an itchy tutu. When the trick or treaters showed up at the door Mrs. S let me wear my Texas outfit. What a relief! Really purple may be Mrs. S’s favorite color but I rather like pink.

After my Halloween melt down my week did get better. Two days were really warm. At the dog park  I got in my final swim of the season, chased balls from the Chuckit, ran through the park with Mulligan, chased squirrels and barked a chipmunk up a tree. Two days I even got in four walks. I sure feel fit and trim-truly my orange neoprene vest should be a great fit.

Back to the Lake-The countdown is on for Saturday’s deer opener. Everyone is on high alert. Mr. C and Mrs. S are ready with orange coats and hats. I’ve been told I’ll be leashed at all times when out of my yard.  Meanwhile I am keeping myself entertained with a treat ball. It’s on loan from our neighbors to see if I’d like one of my own.

IMG_0268 (2)

Don’t even think of touching it as I’m not up for sharing this amazing toy. After several hours I’ve got this whole ball thing down. You keep rolling it round and round and treats magically fall out.

IMG_0263 (2)

Here’s hoping a hunter will notice my orange vest and I won’t be mistaken for a deer.

Love, Bella

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