In Hot Pursuit

This was one action shot Mrs. S barely got. Mr. C and I were outside. I was helping him hang lights when all of a sudden I spied a potential Thanksgiving dinner.

hot pursuit 001

And I was off and running…I’m just a blur here and so is the turkey dinner that flew away on the right.

hot pursuit 002

Darn I just lost my dinner.

I know Mrs. S is cooking today. The smells are just killing me. Perhaps when she is not looking I can grab a bite.

dog turkey

pilgrim dog

Happy Thanksgiving

I am grateful for food and family.

Love, Bella

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A Jump Start

Days and days of rain forced me inside with not a lot to do.  It got real boring just looking out the window wondering if and when the rain would stop. And when I did get to the dog park in between all the rain no one was there to play with me. I had to make do with splashing through the puddles, digging in the dirt and exploring the nearby woods.   Mrs S keeps telling me there are too many nose prints on the windows. One really boring afternoon she suggested getting a jump-start on Christmas by writing out my Santa list.

Since I really only wanted  two things that didn’t take me long. At the top of the list was an  Orthopedic Super Memory Foam Pet Bed- size large. I don’t care about the color.  Mrs. S thought it would be good to cut out a picture just to make sure Santa knew what I wanted.

foam bed

The other thing on my list was a fully loaded camouflage backpack like the one Sadie has. I’m not too hopeful on that one since it was on my list last year. But good to have just in case Mr. C and Mrs. S decide on a trip out west again. I want to be ready with a real nice bag for all my stuff.

camo backpack

Mrs. S and I took a car ride to the post office. Out in front was a special mailbox just for Santa letters.

I also mailed a package to Chunk in another nearby box. He’s always sending me stuff all the time. I put in some treats I thought he’d like.

dog mail box 2

Mr. C retired his orange coat yesterday and drove down to the city. I was real happy to see him. My coat has not been brushed for days nor my teeth. And did I mention he likes the dog park more than Mrs. S ?

Love, Bella

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Check out this goodie basket. All Mrs. S had to do was place a bid on this pet package. When she showed me the picture  I practically drooled thinking about owning it. Have you ever seen such a large rawhide bone? And then there were toys, treats, dental stuff all packed into a heated pet bowl. Just think if I had a bowl like this there’d be no more frozen water in my bowl when I get back from my walk. Yep, all she had to do was place a bid.  But no she came home empty-handed from the auction. I heard something about not going over $40.00. Guess she thought it was too much to pay. But I do think I’m worth it.

Today Mrs. S and I officially retired our orange stuff and headed south to the cities. And none too soon for me as we drove out to the main road and passed by a hunter. He was  walking along the road with his rifle heading into the woods. I was happy to be in the car and laid low so he couldn’t see me.  But Wally isn’t as lucky as me to leave. He still has 7 more days left to survive the deer season. I loaned him my extra vest. Hope he makes it safely through the week. And we did leave Mr. C behind. I hope he hasn’t retired his orange coat yet.

soup and bars 053

I’m happy to report I survived deer season once again. I think now Mrs. S will let up a bit on all his boot camp stuff. Perhaps my food bowl will be filled up back to normal. I can only hope. I’m excited to be back at the dog park, running around  and seeing my friends.

Love, Bella

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Meet Sadie. She belongs to Mr. C and Mrs. S’s daughter and husband. Note her fully loaded camouflaged backpack. I only wish it were mine. She makes regular visits to see us. Here’s what you need to know about her. She is well-behaved almost as good as me. Sadie is high energy and often I have trouble keeping up with her. She has been to birding school three different years in a row. Sadie was such a rock star at birding school they even put her on their Facebook page.

While I have been in the survival mode dodging bullets these past few days Sadie had a much funner weekend than me. I was quite jealous though Mrs. S keeps reminding me how many trips I have been on.

lake Oct 104

20151107_155218 - Sadie getting ready to depart Pierre

Here’s the pictures we got of Sadie’s airplane trip. She’s waiting on the runway to board a private jet to Pierre, SD for a pheasant hunting trip. I did hear she got a bit wild when she first got on the plane. She rushed for the cockpit, jumped in the pilot’s chair before he could even take his seat. After the flying rules were explained Sadie had to take her own seat.

20151105_173341 - Sadie making herself at home on the Citation 7 (1)

The flight was only 50 minutes so no snacks were served. When Sadie got to the hotel she and her owner found out all the dog friendly rooms were taken. But the good news was the hotel people remembered Sadie. She has been going to the same hotel for last 5 years. They knew she had been the perfect guest so Sadie got to stay in a regular room. She sure is lucky to get such special treatment.

Sadie was a favorite among the hunters. They all thought she was good at pointing and retrieving. In two days they all got their pheasant limits-whatever that means. Sadie must have done a lot of running in two days. I imagine she took a lot of naps after that. Sadie was patient waiting for her ride home when this picture was taken.

20151105_184808 - Sadie on the ground in Pierre - she is already looking for the pheasants

There were more pictures but I told Mrs. S I had had enough. I already knew I missed out on a lot of fun. But I’m happy to have safely made it through three days of the deer opener. Today I did not hear one gunshot. I did see four deer in my yard who are lucky to have made it this far. Maybe all the hunters went home.

Love, Bella

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Deer Diary-Day Two

Well night has come and in case you were worried I did make it safely through day two of deer opener. But there were a few issues in the morning. I quickly did my business outside, ate my breakfast in a hurry and went back to bed. I was hoping Mr.C would forget my morning walk. But he did not. As soon as Mr.C brought out my orange neoprene vest I ran from him. I tried to hide under the desk but Mr.C found me. I was forced to put it on. We had a very short walk since we could hear a gunshot go off in the woods. When we returned Mrs. S  had a new plan which I liked. In the afternoon we went into town and walked along the bike trail. We didn’t hear one gunshot.  Mrs. S found my old orange vest to wear. I was happy spending the rest of the day outside even if I had to be tethered.

autumn food bella 041

Remember Sadie?autumn food bella 094

She’s the one who comes to visit and is fully loaded with lots of stuff I want-like her orthopedic foam bed and camouflage back pack.  Today I was even more envious when I heard about her hunting trip. She went on a private jet. Then Mrs. S reminded me that I have been to the ocean and the desert and Sadie has not. When we saw her pictures Mrs. S thought I should let her be a guest blogger. Check back soon to hear about Sadie’s SD adventures.

Love, Bella

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Deer Diary

Day One Deer Opener

I tried running away. I hoped Mr. C  wasn’t really going to make me wear this orange neoprene vest. But he tracked me down. I am can hardly breathe-it’s such a tight fit. And really, orange is not my best color.

Deer opener 029

Mr. C assured me orange is the perfect color for today if I wanted to take our morning walk.

Deer opener 030

We stuck to the road and I decided it was best not to run off exploring the woods. We managed to make it back safely. I was happy we didn’t hear one gunshot and I lived to write this blog.

But the afternoon walk was another story. Mrs. S joined us and we all were decked out in orange.We were only 10 minutes into the walk when the first shot went off. We kept on but at a slower pace. When the second and third shots were fired that was it. We all headed back. I had had enough. The safest place for me was inside. I still have many more days left to be stuffed into this orange vest and many more days of worry that I might be ambushed by some crazy deer hunter. I’ll keep you informed of any new developments. Wish me luck.

Mrs S has her own Deer Diary entry going. Check out her latest Weekend Round-Up.

Love, Bella

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Saved by the Rain

Life in the Big City: A steady drizzle of rain on Halloween prevented me from going to the dog park parade. It was scheduled for 1:00. I breathed a silent prayer of thanks when Mrs. S announced she didn’t want to be outside. I was saved by the rain from wearing an embarrassing outfit with fairy wings, a really tight headband and an itchy tutu. When the trick or treaters showed up at the door Mrs. S let me wear my Texas outfit. What a relief! Really purple may be Mrs. S’s favorite color but I rather like pink.

After my Halloween melt down my week did get better. Two days were really warm. At the dog park  I got in my final swim of the season, chased balls from the Chuckit, ran through the park with Mulligan, chased squirrels and barked a chipmunk up a tree. Two days I even got in four walks. I sure feel fit and trim-truly my orange neoprene vest should be a great fit.

Back to the Lake-The countdown is on for Saturday’s deer opener. Everyone is on high alert. Mr. C and Mrs. S are ready with orange coats and hats. I’ve been told I’ll be leashed at all times when out of my yard.  Meanwhile I am keeping myself entertained with a treat ball. It’s on loan from our neighbors to see if I’d like one of my own.

IMG_0268 (2)

Don’t even think of touching it as I’m not up for sharing this amazing toy. After several hours I’ve got this whole ball thing down. You keep rolling it round and round and treats magically fall out.

IMG_0263 (2)

Here’s hoping a hunter will notice my orange vest and I won’t be mistaken for a deer.

Love, Bella

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