No Way

bella 2 010

Had I seen myself in this costume BEFORE leaving the store I would not have let Mrs. S. buy it. I know she likes the purple and fairy stuff but this outfit is ridiculous. Mr.C had to chase me around the house just to get me to stand still to try it on. First of all she bought the wrong size. Even though it said L-XL we had to squeeze real hard to get me in it. Second it comes in 3 parts; wings, headband and tutu skirt and way too itchy to wear. And third it is so NOT ME. When I looked in the mirror it was too girly, girly and I felt fat. Maybe a small dog would look good in it but I just felt embarrassed.  I’m done with the costume stuff-just give me a sheet with holes cut out for my eyes and nose and I’m good. Even my Texas outfit would be fine.


There is no way I’ll be seen at the dog park parade with my friends around. I could care less about winning any prize even if it is a gift card. Santa has never failed me yet so I put the memory foam orthopedic bed on my list to him and nothing else. At least I feel like a winner seeing that bed under the tree.

The good news is I got mail. Chunk sent me treats and a Halloween card.

bella halloween 009

bella halloween 012.

That cheered me up a lot. The snacks were yummy. But I was exhausted after all this picture-taking. I needed a nap.

Love, Bella

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