I’m In

Mr. C was confident. Mrs. S was unsure. I was hopeful my diet and boot camp would soon be over.

IMG_0136 (2)

It’s a snug fit for my orange neoprene vest but at least the Velcro comes together. I hate wearing it. Mr. C has to chase me down just to put it on me.

It’s been a tough week for me. Twice I begged for dinner mid afternoon. Several days my hunger pains forced me to scavenge the woods looking for food. Mrs. S was  totally grossed out over several things I found to eat.  But fitting into the vest called for celebration. Mrs. S thought a drive to my favorite store Petco would be a nice adventure. I like stores that let me in. Its a long ride to get there so I had a lot of time to figure out which costume I’d get. I still wanted the Princess Pup one.  We were surprised when we got to the store there weren’t many choices for dogs my size.

bella criminal

bella witchI did not like either of these costumes and this one seemed boringgg!


All of sudden I heard  Mrs. S scream “Bella, this is so you! You will look perfect. Surely you’ll win some prize at the parade.”

I had to admit it was perfect. Mrs. S suggested we wait till next weekend before showing you. I was just happy to be done. I wanted to  go home. Shopping and trying on all these costumes tired me out.  Lucky Petco had rawhide bones.


Love, Bella

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